Is it safe to assume that the nasutoceratops is going to be in the game?

I recall that the nasutoceratops would make its debut in the upcoming short movie that will be released alongside Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

My theory is that it may be a free dinosaur to promote the movie as it is a singular ceratopsid. Last time we had free dinosaurs was back in Jurassic World Fallen kingdom, where all living dinosaurs became free DLC.
It's funny, I heard about that just a few days ago. I hope so and it would make sense.
This guys would be a perfect addition to my beloved Sinoceratops.

Short movie? What short movie?
There will be a Jurassic World short movie in addition to Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw (release 1. August, I think), starring the Allosaurus and the Nasutoceratops as a new dinosaur. I also just heard about that a few days ago.
I don't know it seems kind of maybe I'm not sure? but I have to put it in 50/50 my friend because I'm not sure if that could be possible because we could get a DLC during the summer update?
I was thinking of that as well, but then I noticed that the movie won't be out until the 1st of August, about nearly 2 months after the game's release 🙈
So it could be part of the summer update/dlc. But it is more likely it may be its own thing too as it is far in the middle/late summer territory. I am curious how it would look like canonically as well since it is actually small for a ceratopsid, or if they will change its design a lot like how they did with the sinoceratops.
The abomination Stegoceratops that's currently in the game is very inaccurate to what was shown on the PC screen in the film. The original image was very clearly inspired by Stegosaurus and Nasutoceratops, and not Triceratops like in the game.
So that's another possible link to Nasutoceratops.
Think they may introduce a natuceratops variant of the stegoceratops? I would doubt it, but it would be cool if we had NATU GENE where it swaps the head. I still like the stegocertops the way it is.

My one curiosity is how would the natuceratops look canonically in film? The sinoceratops looks really different from its real life estimates, and natuceratops is really small for a ceratopsid. Think they would enlarge the dinosaur?
Considering the toy for it along with Allosaurus and them appearing in "Battle At Big Rock", it's quite likely we'll have Nasutoceratops in the game at some point, hopefully with the summer update/DLC. As for its size, it would be cool to have some smaller examples of the famous families of dinosaurs, since all we have are the archetypal giants of the families right now. Perhaps we'll get to see Nasuto alongside some other smaller dinosaurs like Amargasaurus, Daspletosaurus, Oviraptor, etc.
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