General / Off-Topic Is man made climate change real or not? Prove your belief here.

Environmentalists will be along shortly to inform you that morals are superfluous.
yeah maybe. but i dont really care for stupid idiots who use morals to get what they want. in reality all of them are egocentric oles who dont give a damn about anyone else. thats why their view points are so narrow and they are too blind or dumb or both to see the bigger picture.

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because morals are superior to intelligence!
Morals? How did you read anything about morales out form this line, are you ok?
But talking about idiocy, well...
The more I listen to you both I'm more and more convinced you're one and the same person, entangled in a soliloquy. Hope you enjoy yourselves. :sneaky:
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Formerly 'picommander'
Here's some good news for you: Picommander is no more - almost. Name change + avatar pending as a means of a complete transfer from my current ingame commander. This new Avatar is only temporarily.
The bad news: The new one will be even more unpleasant. Hurrrrr! :giggle:
Meanwhile in Montana...

Socialists occupied the prairie and together with the enormous hordes of communists they can be seen wandering on the great plains in search of ....water!

By the year 2035 the days above 105 Fahrenheit increased sixfold compared to 2019. This decade lasting drought had many victims, first the plants and animals, then humans, valley fever had decimated 50% of Montana's population already, and most of all....

The great plains were no longer, and not only Montana turned into desert, from Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, to North Dakota, all one enormous stretch of desert, and the projections continued with increasing heat.

Not much longer and you could describe the entire area in one single word:


Admittedly, above being a bit of Cli-Fi by your's truly, but if you think this would be a very unliekly scenario.... think again!

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In all seriousness, I've read of people surfing here while at "office". I'll admit I have done something similar though I'm not an example of anybody, can't say that of a boss.
Yes I often had the same strange feeling to see a boss spend his time on the forums.

I imagine if all the bosses were doing the same thing.

'Climate Change for Dummies: The Basics of Climate Change Physics':

So erm, actually it is quite detailed, but that is the point about the issue in general! So if you are a 'doubter' and are struggling with following the article (assuming you have a curious mind and want to know answers etc, and are not just set-in-stone denier till i die kind of person!), i will quote one part to clarify the gist of the science it is disecting:

In short, climate change exists and manmade activity influences it. Understanding the specific heat differences in these gases is the foundation for understanding how mankind impacts climate change. We must also understand the scale at which these gases are released via human-driven activities – this will be the subject of future articles.

While the above simplifies the thermodynamics into digestible pieces, it is still clear that the continued increased release of these gasses has an impact on our atmosphere. Any denial of the basic, verified, and repeatable scientific observations and truths mentioned above is an indication of a refusal to accept a fact as fact.
And at that point, when you refuse to accept fact as fact, that is where belief comes into it.

You might believe (or think you believe because you been told it) that man made climate change is wrong, but that is all it is, just a 'belief'. You are still factually wrong as that is what the science tells us (that same science that gave you the internet, electricity, TV, the car etc).
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My house is build to deal with our weather, it can even resist a hurricane if needed, of course if the sea rise 50 meters I got a problem.

When I designed it I was studying architecture In the Sahara region, some of the houses there are very old, however the design is clever as they even in those days had to deal with extreme heat. As I was relocating to a tropical zone I knew heat, humidity, storms and rain would be some of the factors I needed to get around, therefor it’s build in two ways.

Terrain and sub-terrain level.

The base wall is 500 mm thick using a mixture of adobe and cement, this function as a thermal battery and absorb the heat away from the house.

As it is connected to the sub-terrain part of the house, the heat is radiated into the ground and moved away from the structure.

I don’t use much A/C as the natural ventilation keeps the house at a constant 26 C. I also build a front wall with small ducts using old bottles,
This also brings down the temperatures inside the house.

The difference in wind speed going through the bottles cooled it down around 2-5 C
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I was watching the news about the York flooding. The main angle the report went for was how the insurance companies dealt with this problem. There may still be a few people out there with their heads stuck in the sand, but actuaries are professional future predictors. They take great care with their calculations because vast sums of money are involved in their predictions

Even Donald Trump who stands on a platform of "It's cold so Climate Change must be some sort of Chinese hoax, so let's burn some pure clean All-American coal"*... doesn't really believe the guff coming out of his mouth

Whether this climate change is man made is more difficult to prove. Here's the thing... it doesn't matter

Whether this weather is a man made disaster is not important. We are now living with the consequences of this temperature rise and we should be doing everything we can to mitigate these effects. The best people to talk to about how to proceed are the climatologists, because, you know, it's their job to understand the climate

*I may have inadvertently slightly paraphrased Trump's statement
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