Is mining the only ace card up the ELITE's sleeve? What can we do? New player view

Don't like mining, I'll never do mining.
Don't have an FC, most likely never get an FC unless FD comes up with a good use for one.
Maybe when Odyssey is released I'll have the funds and if tyhere is a good need to get one.
No need for one at the moment since I have ships parked all over the bubble.
I never run out of things to do. I like flying space ships.
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When you have all the credits you need (from mining) what are you going to do?

Go do that instead of mining!

I actually agree with that. Kind of. But sometimes I just wanna go out and mine as well. Not always for the credits, but also for the mats, relaxation and tritium. I don't have to make 200 million an hour, but I would like to feel that I'm raking in a bit of credits. (They could also bump mission and combat rewards of course to bring it all more in line, but that's a whole different story)

Fdev could have avoided a lot of this biowaste-storm if they hadn't made LTD mining so profitable in the first place.
FDev really do like to make it hard on themselves don't they? They opened up this huuuge credit-farming opportunity, just to stump it into the ground the next patch.
I'm saying this huge gold/egg-farm shoudn't have existed in the first place. But it seems Fdev really don't play or test their own game. And that's coming from me. I'm usually ready to defend their decisions, but not this time. They obviously didn't bother to test it before the original patch came out (e.g. enormous credits could be made by farming LTD's -and hitting the same rock over and over again, which was ridiculous) but they also didn't test the latest patch. In which they seemed to have hammered mining across the board.

I mean come on, is it that hard to think about, and then implement some sort of balanced fix? Overlapping hot-spots should yield a bit more. Not as much as in the original update for sure, but the current yields are a joke. Why not in stead bump the yields of single hot-spots a bit? (Which would also help the explorers with an FC out there. Lack of Tritium cough) And pull the reins on the overlapping hot-spots a bit and go from there. But no, they decided to go for the sledgehammer approach.

I don't know. This was one of the weirdest patches in my opinion, it just felt like a rushed nerf, nobody actually thinking it through.
I loved this last update, cured the screen freezing on jumps and game stuttering for me
I don't mine and don't own an FC. Those bugs don't concern me at all.
As to why they made a gold mine farming rocks. FC's were coming.
FD sold a ton of copies didn't they.
Where's the thread called "New record player number drop"?

I guess Steam numbers have just become irrelevant again.
Looking through charts I think people are done with the fleet carriers for now, and we're back to the usual levels of engagement.
This sums it up perfectly:
Reasonable explanation to me: Playercount is plummeting because of FC patch bounceback (old people returning, looking around, finding nothing of interesting, and going back to cryosleep) and new player bounceback (lots of people buy E: D during sale, a lot of people don't stick and stop playing after a week or so, resulting in a noticeable playercount drop).
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