Is the Galaxy Upside Down?

(Lord knows I've searched but can't find a 'definitive' answer so, flameproof jacket on, ...)

Firstly, yes - there is no 'up/down' in Space but this is in a conceptual 'mapping' context.

I play ED with my son and we've been researching Galactic Co-ordinate systems and directional nomenclature/convention - both in ED and the general astronomic community.

Co-ordinate systems and frames of reference are a dime-a-dozen but based on
1) The Milky Way rotates 'arm's trailing'
2) The IAU's 'right-hand-rule'
is the Galaxy Map (and various resultant resources) default point-of-view rendered from Galactic South rather than (mapping's conventional) Galactic North?

I have no problem being wrong - I would just like to understand 'why' so we can adjust our mental 'pictures' accordingly ;)
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