Is the Keelback good?

I just got a Keelback recently and equipped it with a fighter. I did a few hunt some AI space pirate missions. I love going into the fighter and destroying the target. The only thing I am worried about is if I could stand up to a player that tries to conduct their hostilities on me.

There are a few CMDR's that have videoed KB's killing other CMDR's . But in PvP it's such a variable encounter. Mot will just say no cos KB is widely regarded as a really bad ship.... Pity... cos it's awesome
It's good if you like flying fighters and just want the cheapest, lowest signature, mothership you can stuff behind a rock or inside a capital ship while you have fun.
I loved mine big, fat, slow in supercruise... big, fat, faster sideways than forwards under thrusters, a great big sexy brick.
But sadly not a great ship for fighting on
I have recently had success fighting pirates in res with my very lightly armed miner-kb stay in close back to the roids circle-stafe and make it them come to you but pvp ...tick tick boom
I use my Keelback for mining. But if you were interdicted by a player, they can be made quick and nimble with engineering. I'm in Open and have never had an issue with that or my T6.
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