Is the market dying?

It will probably get worse when the players that only play Planet Zoo to collect CC move on to other games. Most of the time these are no long time players. But at the moment I'm pretty sure the only reason for the lack of animals is, that over the holidays many players didn't find time to play and put animals on the market. I don't know for sure though, I don't play franchise anymore.
Honestly, the day the CC tycoons leave the game, is the day I start playing Franchise mode properly.
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Animals should be in categories and those categories should have different max listing prices. Eg. Peafoul category 1 max CC 2500. Polar Bear category 5 max CC 25000.​
Not so sure about these, especially this one. I think most people are smart enough to buy a peafowl for over 2500 CC. Also, I am not sitting on a pile of CC and have never had more than 12000 at a time.
I am sure it has already been mentioned but I do think franchise mode should not always rely on animals bred by other players. In sandbox mode you usually get a choice of 2 males and 2 females regardless. Maybe that's too many for franchise mode where 1 of each might help things a lot. If that was to be put in place though, I think animal breeders should get extra CC's if one of their animals is adopted.
I think I will watch the Market before releasing Animals to the Wild to see if there are enough of the Species and if not, I will sell the Animal. I hope this will help at least a little bit
Personally, I'd like to see a "want to buy" mechanic added to the market. People can put up listings, and then you (as the seller) can make an offer - you can also view other offers that have been made so you can compete.
I've been mostly playing franchise mode and the CC prices are getting extreme... I wanted to purchase a couple of decent giraffes, but anything decent are like 5000CC.... I really wish they would make the caps a bit more reasonable. Its the same way with most animals. Those that are relatively common (ostrich, warthog, peafowl, ect) have a ton for different prices while those that are a bit more exclusive go for a several thousand CCs a piece. I can't even get decent animals because of the fact of how expensive people are making it...
Played franchise today for a longer time than the last couple weeks.

I don't care about the CC (have enough) but I just wished that the easy method of releasing animals to the wild., would be same for the CC sales.
A multi-selecton quick trade option for CC, which will sell the animal for the recommended (base) price.

When you have a lot of offspring, it's just annoying to sell them. Especially with the laggy buttons.
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