Is the Thargoid storyline dead?

Well, we really kicked the Thargoids. On some weeks all their incursions and infestations were cleared out. We're still repairing the damage they did though. I think it would be a bit much if they could mount another invasion right away while we're still recovering, when it was them that emphatically lost. That wouldn't be much of a story, it would just be cheesy.

They're still skulking in the Pleiades and I expect they'll be back for another go eventually.
Is anyone surprised?

According to official statistics, by Dec 16th 3305 a total of 4788600 Thargoids had been destroyed by humans already. Almost 5 Million.
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Being the 2nd large Thargoid War that the Thargoids lost (the 1st one almost eradicating their entire race), even the current warhawks in the Thargoid hive have come to terms that the Thargoid War machine and its limited biomechanical technology is no match against the aggressive humans.
Thargoids don't exist
They may come back with a vengeance, they may not.

They may come back with more teeth, they may not.

They may bring the mothership, they may not.

Do you know, I never realised talking about Thargoids is like plucking petals from a Daisy..... And no, I do not love them... 😉
They're easily startled then?
Yep, they also walk in single file to hide their numbers.

Weirdly, if applied metaphorically, considered at civilisation level, and with some conceptual translation to account for them being aliens not reskinned humans, and the scales they seem to operate on, then all three points may well be accurate.
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