Is there a counter to the missiles that Thargoid Scouts fire?

No overheat anymore. FD changed overheat damage. One overheat to 200% - you are f-ed. Completely. They literally forcing us to use these damn limpets.
I overheatet my conda over 150% and it was gone. Did it more then 1 time. My conda didnt took to much internal damage.

And a pointdefence is shooting in a fight...
As far as damage is concerned those missiles damage you hit for hit, but as far as I can tell the caustic damage does not multiply. It just spits on at the same rate. I hunt cyclops with an outrageously tanked Anaconda and I don't worry about the caustic missiles. At the end of the fight I just use a decontamination limpet and then use the spare cargo space to pick up one of the nearby occupied escape pods.
As others have written: Running away works great on single missiles seen on the scanner.

In the frenzy of a AXCZ, especially with multiple players/wings, not every missile is seen that easily and some will hit. Overheating damages your module and hence limits the time one can spend in the CZ. Therefore, limpets are highly recommended.

Sometimes, e.g. after taking a higher level caustic missile or death cloud from an Interceptor, one limpet will not clean all caustic effect and two or three are needed. You will usually identify such a situation with your hull percentage bleeding away very very quick.

Also, never use limpets while under fire form Thargoids, the limpet will be destroyed, no matter, where the shots hit you.
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