General / Off-Topic Is there someone who can show how commonsense relates to us... and also how do we obtain it!!

It the greatest and most superior form of logic.
It is something that can be apparently lost or never obtained.
Seems to be a requirement to have an utter lack of common sense when applying for corperate leadership positions, Human Resources and political office.

It is also why you spend hundreds of hours of your life sitting, listening, watching "safety courses" because Johhny missing chromosome Smith decided resting his arm under a giant hydraulic press (designed for stamping metal) was a good idea.
Common sense is the things you can reasonably be expected to have learned from experience based on the society/culture you live in, plus the things you can reasonably be expected to have been told. Truth and accuracy are not required for either, just a widely held belief within your society/culture that they are true, and no disastrous consequences of them being wrong.
"Common sense" is also applied to flat earth theory, it's not as useful or to tell it right it's an overused and abused term.
"Common sense" is applied on fear of electromagnetical waves.
"Common sense" will tell me immigrants are to fear.
I guess it's too common this so called common sense :)

It wouldn't be a bad thing by nature i have to say as a "Waldläufer" (inhabitant of the great woods).
But really it's abused.

And yes in science common sense is hindering and leads to the wrong results because it isn't common to understand.
No that won't work you have to stash your common sense elsewhere and to learn.

"Common sense" is to much bound or is in fact your opinion, the guts in other terms it can be useful in a fight or playing an instrument or painting a picture but is hindering science, it won't reflect the facts it's opinion.

Pardon me i can't explain it as good as "Mai" she's a young chemicist and what she is ranting about is mostly "common sense" or what ppl entitle as this.

Common sense leads to laughable YT clips where it's ranted about "dangerous toys from the past", c'mon that was all great stuff, we who grew up with this oh so "dangerous toys" don't understand we never was in danger by this and none of these toys was as dangerous as our selfmade arches was. Or is that dangerous if i get hit by a rubber handgranade?
But an arrow sticking in you legs really hurts.
Commonsense is perhaps a misnomer since what is common is not always sane and our senses are sometimes inadequate or deceiving.

I would say it is an intimate experience of cause and effect in certain activities over perhaps a certain period of time. What is practical, perhaps? Housewives are known to have this in spades when it comes to living in houses. Furthermore, this "commonsense" is learned not by endlessly discussing intellectually sanctioned concepts like free will and angels on pins, but by direct experience....

...which is not always a bad thing, of course ;)
If you're on fire, the common sense tells your to jump into water. You could apply your imagination and adventurous spirits and take a hike to the mountains to cover yourself with snow, but something tells me it wouldn't be nearly as effective. :p
Heh, I take your point, but common sense would prevent me from experimenting with fire in the first place!
May i interrupt?
Would you like to watch the clip about the dangerous toys?
I guess to some it will bring back memories (the tattery greys here).
That happens when you apply common sense to it, true i'm speechless but not because of the toys any of them i would have liked (with the exclusion of the fly wheel cap but not because i fear you get a brain damage from it it just looks stupid)
Common sense unfortunately didn't tells me that the most endangered are the women who produce the plastic toys which contain softeners.
I didn't tells me this because it's some woman in china which i don't have to care about.
If i play whith such the danger is harmless i would say, you don't do this 9hours a day for 350 days a year.
But in the factories work under certain condition even pregnant women, that's the problem.

I was exposed to x-rays a lot in my life i worked in an npp, as long as you are under control it's less dangerous as to sit on a stone in the mountains where i come from, they can contain uranium but you won't know this and usually you don't carry a Geiger counter with you.
The most endangered are Stewardesses, Pilots and ppl who often fly, you will accumulate far more as i did even when i worked one meter from the reactor and them don't carry a dosimeter like me which warns me if the radiation is to high or forbids entrance because i used up my account.
Common sense didn't tells you this.
Common sense can't help me at all when i'm exposed to x-rays because it's not to notice by any of our senses.
Only a strict follow to the rules can protect me, if they seem to me comprehensible makes no difference.

The clip is a good example because how can i train this what is called common sense which will protect me from endangering myself?
I can learn this only if i expose myself to dangers.
Yeah of course it's a bad idea to touch a hot plate, hmmm... at half you will try, you will put a finger on it and "damned it burned my finger" but you won't do it again.
There are some ppl who leak completely of this common sense who warns them of too high risks and usually you find them as brokers in the stock market.
This has been made proof by some btw british psychatrists.
Now i'm not sure if they are born with a genetical defect like it's assumed or if the cause is rather their overprotected childhood.

I had a short talk with Mom right now she grew up whilst ww2 in germany, ok obviousely she hates all weapons, but well like all the children in a region where was war they live in high danger all these "toys" which still lurk around somewhere, but real granades aren't made of rubber and they won't hurt just a little they will kill you.
Mom, Dad both had friends who lost their live by such "toys".

Well the swiss like to "Chäpsle" shoot i mean, it's also quite common to find such in the alps but we knew never touch this, if you see one report it and i can say we was quite proud doing so.
That's not common sense you have to learn this and keep the advice.
Well, ok since the swiss army is militia it's quite different them are all young fellows and we was allowed to play on the airport which is in my hometown or in the casern, we was allowed to use the rusty old flaks and we had a lot of fun, a warning spelled by such a friend you will take much more serious as a warnig on a shield.

Whilst an airshow not to long ago i climbed up the rocks to see if the old control tower is still there where we used to play, it was exposed positioned at a cliff.
We loved the danger this has put us in but you learn in this way to handle the danger. Unfortunately they removed the old control tower because the airport
is since long not anymore used by airforce (no planes which could start and land on the short strip, Venom when i grew up and Hunter later, with the F-16 the end of our airbase came they could only land with a drogue and security net but not start, the strip faced to the town)

have pun :)
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You have to see the whole bird it's our Graffiti Hunter, it's not longer in service but a second one you can still hire the Tiger Hunter.


The photo of the Tiger Hunter was shot by a guy who climbs up the mountains to make these brillant shots.

I will stop now
Just one thing, i gues it's not only entitled Tiger Hunter because of the painting, it was a trainer and you will find on YT a clip how the Hunter hunts a Tiger and beats it.
The Hunter is quite slower as the Tiger but ideal in a terrain like the glarus alps, he outsmarts the Tiger by waiting for him behind a cliff, then he pulls the nose up and shoots the Tiger down as soon as the Tiger flies over the cliff.

Hey keep calm tiger i'm not the fastest typer :)
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