Hardware & Technical is this?! (Joystick)

VKB is reasonably popular and quite well regarded as far as flight controls go.

The Gladiator doesn't have enough buttons/hats for ED for my tastes though.
VKB has two sticks, this one here that mostly competes and often found favourable to the t16000m, aparently the gladiator combined with the throttle from the 16000m hotas pack (you can buy it seperatly) is a well regarded combo.

The other joystick sold by VKB is the Gunfighter pro, it's only sold by their web store and is one of the highest end sticks money can buy, before you start cold calling military simulation designers and asking if they can be allowed to sell you bottom tier equipment for €150k.
Ok, there is one swiss one doing a force feedback gimbal that is only €1250..
That's only the gimbal, not the grip..

A grip and gimbal combo of the Gunfighter variety would be aproximately €450 before taxes or import fees.
They are often considered excellent value fromt those who have one.
personally I have ended up with Virpil sticks which are mostly in the same price category and also referred as good value.

The gladiator is made to conform to WW2 axis aircraft btw :p
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:D It's a nice stick and its only €94!

The grip is a replica KG-12, a WW2 German flight stick. They've done what they can to enhance the functionality, giving it six programmable buttons, which you can double with a shift function. The Gladiator base adds a throttle axis and a few more buttons, getting you to 17, which is 29 with 'shift'. As a desktop stick I reckon it'd be pretty good, although I think VKB are ceasing production, which probably explains the terrific price. Their official websites in the EU and US aren't stocking it any more.

It might be a bit of a bargain. It uses a whole bunch of very high spec internals, including the all metal gimbal found in the Gunfighter. That's a €300+ controller! I can't think of anything else at that price point that even comes close to the quality- it uses MaRS (contactless) sensors, has a 32-bit ARM controller and the gimbal is a wonder to behold.

Ah, the gimbal! Words don't do it justice. I've got a Gunfighter base with the same internals. It is by far and away the finest feeling stick I've ever used. It makes 'premium' kit like the excellent TM Warthog feel like a tarted up gaming peripheral. It makes sticks in the €100 price range feel like cheap toys. They're not, they're brilliant joysticks, no-one is making a 'bad' stick at that price point, but the Gunfighter (and the VirPil equivalent, I'm led to believe) are just a whole other level.

If you've got the cash I don't think you've got anything to lose. If it's anything like the Gunfighter (which I strongly suspect it will be- VKBs reputation was founded on the Gladiator and it's predecessors), then it's probably the very best stick you can buy for that amount of money. It should come with a 2 year warranty- the official sites do- for a little extra peace of mind.

Hth. :cool:
Got one for Christmas and it's great.

I used twin T16000 to fly but one broke so i started the hunt and found the gladiator mk2.

It can only be used as a RH stick, but wow it knock the spots off the T16000.

Loads of buttons to assign using a combination of pinky shift, or a mode switch. (An example that Primary/secondary fire can be used for 8 functions instead of 2)
It centres with a slight twist to bend the wrist comfortablly.

The only gripe i have is you have to stuggle a bit to get the top hat right direction pressed, the body of the stick is a bit in the way.

But I recommed this stick as an excellent addition to ED, but mine cost €130 so you have a bargain.
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I don't think this is an all metal gimbal at all.
That would be far more pricy.

You can buy a grip version of this that you can fit on the Gunfighter base bu5 that would still be at least €300.
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I don't think this is an all metal gimbal at all.
That would be far more pricy.

You can buy a grip version of this that you can fit on the Gunfighter base bu5 that would still be at least €300.
That's why I think it's end of run stock and an absolute bargain, TorTorden. ;)

Non-Pro version of the Gladiator Mk.ii ; uses plastic gimbals, and has twist function (for yaw)
Pro version does not have twist function (for yaw);uses metal gimbals
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