Is this normal Horizons behaviour for trade missions?

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So I'm relatively new to ED and I've been doing fetch-and-carry trade missions as an alternative to road to riches (because I'm really not into that whole meta nonsense - each to their own and all that) and I'm noticing that I'm getting some stupidly high reward source and return missions in boom economy systems along with the usual transport/source [insert commodity here] for 1-5m cr.

As an example:
Fetch 56 units Tritium (~3m Cr) for a 25m Cr return (threat 8 - which means I'll get interdicted by an npc in an Anaconda at some point and pretty much sleepwalk out of it)

I've done a few of these now (whilst also falling prey to a few where the market cost outweighed the reward where I wasn't paying attention - 10m worth of metals for 7m payout) and I'm wondering if this is legit - if unbalanced - mission behaviour or some weird new bug I need to be reporting?
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