Isinona: Elite Dangerous v3.3 - Tocci (Flight Assist Off)

Better content creator than many, even though he doesn't need to monetize salt collecting. He just does interesting things and edits well, uses brevity quite well in the comments.
Love his stuff. My own alt-account is kinda-sorta based on his playstyle (minus the FA-OFF part, which is a problem for another day!). I'm not allowing myself rebuys, I have to use an existing ship.
That was a great watch (and I didn't feel I wanted to skip forward once). Genuinely laughed at the very end. Well done.

In fact, it's made me want to try piracy again.
Haven't played for a few months, but just watched his latest videos and have just kicked off a download of the latest update...

I love the way he role plays. It was fascinating to watch how even his interactions with NPCs look "real". That Tocci kept hunting him down, even when he crashed out of supercruise near the planet, showed me that the AI/scripting logic is more sophisticated than I previously assumed. I also like the way his uses the "rules" of the game to his advantage, such as throwing his pursuer off course by using the planet's gravity well. All stuff I would love to see in the game and have been pleasantly surprised to discover is already there.
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