Isla Mágica

After the success of the recreation of PortAventura in Planet Coaster with more than 9750 subscribers on Steam and 5 rating stars that make it among the first 130 most valued items in all Planet Coaster, I bring you the recreation of Isla Mágica in Planet Coaster.

Isla Mágica is a themed park located in Sevilla, Spain.
The Isla Mágica theme park has 6 theme areas that will make you travel in time to know the uses and most representative sites of the age of discoveries, the 16th and 17th centuries.
Explore each of this areas to find its attractions, shows, restaurants, shops and games and you will spend an unforgettable day.

Recreation is approximately 60%. To date I have made to Iguazú counterclockwise from the entrance to the park. At Jaguar, the inverted coaster is not yet complete.

I am going to upload photos. :)

General view of Isla Mágica

Park entrance with signs made in 3d

"Almacén de ultramar"

"El corral de comedias"

Detail of "Venta del puerto"

"Los bucaneros"

Il Porto

Today we continue with more and advance to "Ananconda" from "El corral de comedias".

"El corral de comedias" and "Il Porto"

"La venta del puerto"

Surroundings of the "El desafío", the free fall.

El Lago show area, the night show.

View from the seat for the show.

"El kiosko del lago", ideal for dining while waiting for the start of the show.

Anaconda's last fall.
Let's go with "Puerta de América", the thematic area where "El Fuerte de San Felipe" is what stands out the most. In addition there is also the city of "Cartagena de Indias". In the attractions section we find "El Tren de Potosí" (not yet completed) and the new location of "El carrusel mágico" next to "El Aljibe".

"El Aljibe"

"El Fuerte"


The rainforest in this area welcomes us. If we look in one direction we will see the impressive Cataratas de Iguazú, if we look into another we can observe over the trees of the Amazonian forest one of the main treasures of the New World, the reason for many to take on the adventure: The Jaguar. Fuente:

General view of Amazonia

"Las Llamas"

Iguazú entrance



Hidden amidst the dense vegetation you will find the Jaguar, the great test of bravery for the boldest explorers.
You were probably able to view it from the distance and its roar did not get unnoticed, but it is only when you are at its feet that you will realize the beast you are facing.
The largest roller-coaster in Isla Mágica is challenging you to fall from a height of 32 metres and achieving a maximum speed of 85 km/h over its 765 metre course where you will go over 5 loops, each more stunning. All of this in wagons suspended from a rail in which you will shout like never before.


After crossing and intriguing cave you reach the most dangerous territory in Isla Mágica, the Guarida de los Piratas. This beautiful place is formed by small inlet of the lake and hides some of the most feared pirates, corsairs and buccaneers of all seas.

Loro loco: specialty in hailstorms of varied flavors.

Los Toneles: An essential requirement to be a good pirate is to withstand the intense dizziness caused by long seasons at sea ... and rum. If you think you have enough worth, hop on one of these barrels that spin and spin at high speed.

Cazapiratas: Hit the target like a real pirate and activate original special effects.

El Baul de Patapalo: Here you will find a multitude of costumes from the period that you can wear and take a souvenir photo with your friends in different settings.

La Taberna: built with shipwrecks and decorated with its treasures, it is the place where the most feared pirates regain strength while the shows begin.

Motín: La venganza de Barbanegra:
In the heart of the Pirate's Lair, a fast-paced fight between Captain Raven and Captain Blackbeard will take place. A new action show, with stunts, cannon shots, impossible jumps and a lot of emotion, in which the public will be part of the crew.

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