Isla Muerta Help (4 Star RE Dr.Wu Content)

Hello All,

I have recently purchased the DLC's for the game due to the recent flash sale so I have got back into the game. I saw that in order to access the Dr,Wu content I need to get Isla Muerta to a 4 star rating which I am struggling with.

I currently have the island at 3.5 stars but cant get it higher, can anyone provide some tips please? Also there has been a lot of changes since I last played for example the rest rooms are new to me, what other aspect do I need to be aware of that might be reducing my star rating?

Thanks in advance

You just need viewing galleries and buildings close to your dinosaur pens. And modify your dinos to higher ratings. And 3 to 4 hotels.
You can use the management views to see what you need.
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