General Gameplay Isla Nublar sandbox option

Can we please have an option to use Isla Nublar north as a sandbox option to use? It is alot bigger part of the island then the sandbox option you guys give us, and was fun to use on the dlc. It would give us players more freedom to put more of our favorite dinosaurs onto the island instead of having them cramped together.
How bout this.
A separate sandbox option in the main menu.
The first sandbox island you can use will be Isla Matanceros. Then the following.
Isla Nublar - hit 3-4 stars in campaign. Basically the same as in the Campaign.
Isla Muerta - 4-5 star Isla Matanceros in campaign
Isla Tacano - 4-5 star Isla Muerta in campaign
Isla Sorna - 4-5 star Isla Tacano in campaign
Isla Pena - 4-5 star Isla Sorna in campaign
Nublar North - complete Nublar North Campaign in Claire's Sanctuary
Sanctuary - 4-5 star Sanctuary in Claire's DLC.

The other option to unlock a new island would be to complete all division missions on the preceding island. We already have the unlock progression mechanics in the game, so it would be logical that it would be put into use in unlocking more islands in Sandbox mode as well.
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