Isla Sorna Help (Ref.5 Stars)

I am on Isla Sorna - I have unlocked everything except for the Jungle cosmetic because I cant for the life of me get that 5 star rating.

First off the original map i had i decimated, i had made over £100m with Sorna enough to restart again. i have so far attempted to create the ideal park 4 times and nearest i got was 4.8

I know that the issue doesnt stem from the dinosaurs because i have 16 species, all of which have spliced DNA and reach over the 2500 score point... also it tells me my dinosaur rating is 5 stars and it doesnt fluxate on that.

so the issue is with facilities.

I have two hotels, 100% on all the categories below it, drink, food...etc even dinosaur visability. So for the life of me, i have absolutely no idea what else i can do.

The park has power all over the island. It is covered from head to toe with shelters and weather devices and a monorail positioned perfeclty at several strategic points leading to 1. the hotel, 2, an attraction and 3. a paddock view point.

What more do i need to do to get it to 5 stars, it states my facility is poor condition? but how, everything is at hundred percent. the hotel indicators show light blue across all attractions and hotels.

Can anyone help?
Did you max out the staff at your guest buildings, i.e restaurants, arcade, shops...? Sometimes if the buildings are over capacity/short staffed, it will affect facility rating.
Two hotels.... on Sorna. If you click on one of them it will show the park overcrowding percentage. If it's over 10% normally you need another hotel. I think I had at least 4 or 5 on Sorna to get 5 stars, bu that was when the game came out over a year ago so maybe you don't need that many now. Defo more than 2 though!
I think you'll need more hotels because on my sorna my park overcrowding is 16% and I have 4 hotels Their is no more room to put other hotels which is annoying
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