Isla Tacano - Next in series rebuild with cash no object.

Hi park managers

Last park for a while as my Sorna and Pena are no where near ready.

This Isla Tacano, due to the ideal weather is my hybrid park. Similar issues to Muerta with the wonky layout. But this island is easier as the main entrance is on the same level as the main space. Again a lot of chopping and changing to get the service area to fit somewhere. I finally decided to plonk it in the small level between the main area and the far right basin. It fits here just fine.

All hybrids on show including three small herbivores left over from a previous park that I kept as they were not taking up to much space.

Pachycephalosaurus x 3
Dracorex x 3
Stygimoloch x 3

Ankylodocus x 5

Stegoceratops x 8

Spinoraptor x 3

Indoraptor x 2

Indominus Rex x 2

The map

View from main entrance

View from the Indoraptor exhibit. This and the Indominus rex enclosure have its own ranger station for added security and an incubation lab to provide other dinos for entertainment. Not just for the guests but for my kids as well.

View of the service area and the Indominus Rex exhibit

Love your parks! How did you make the service area work? I'm trying to recreate that but I can't seem to get the terrain on the right level
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