It is now Monday in UK

No time to sleep! Get your asses to work! *cracks whip*

Kidding. Of course. 5:44 here in Sweden. Back to bed.
I can’t sleep. I’ll be checking the sites all night up to 8 AM my time (eastern US) for the news. I hope it is what I think it is, the ride that was high on my request list since day one. Thank you for the leaked screenshot last Friday. I guess I was spoiled by RCT3 and now there are rides missing in Planet Coaster that were in RCT 1-3. Oh, you’re from Sweden, Helena. You type good English.
Thank you Robert!

As for the time, I think we gotta wait until noon for news? We can hope for earlier, though. :D
One of my earliest memories of Blackpool pleasure beach was that of the parks 'cableway' (it was dismantled after the 2000 season).

Blackpool pleasure beach is a very original and a historic park here in the UK.

This park has been a clear inspiration for Frontier, and I would be really surprised if a 'cableway' type ride has not been considered.

I think you are asking for the time difference between London and Istanbul. Istanbul is three hours ahead of London. So just subtract three from your time now.
No, I think he/she is asking if there are any parties in the UK, because he/she wants to do his/her master in Ireland.

I've been in Dublin once, Temple Bar is the place to be if I remember correctly.

It's pretty off-topic though. [big grin]
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