Items that guests can buy

Did anyone mentionned umbrellas yet?
I think there should be umbrellas for sale, but even more, I'd like to see rain ponchos. At all the theme parks I've been to it's what is sold for rainy days and preferred by most guests since you don't have to deal with where to put it when you go on rides - you can just leave it on. I think it would look cool to see the guests walking around in rain ponchos when it's raining (or some of them wearing them on water rides as they do in real life.)
I am really happy that people can buy Coaster King crowns ^^ That was awesome! I hope there are Coaster King tshirts too!


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I wanna see guests with Gulpee masks and Gulpee drinks, with Gulpee t-shirts... taking a selfie with Gulpee! [haha]
I too love this idea! I know guests can already take selfies with Gulpee! But t-shirts, masks and other in-game merchandise would be awesome!
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