Items that guests can buy

anything with gulpee ill take haha.

but on a serious note i love Parkitects souvenirs in game.. such as "absurdly large cowboy hats" or "absurdly large sombrero" its just super comical to see over sized hats that are larger than the guests.
Just a thought


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This is random but decided to make it anyway! [haha][haha]

Ahem, a Gulpee Shop..?
I said on another thread about rain ponchos that are like RCT3 billboards so we can customise with our own logos. I want this billboard type stuff, (balloons, T-shirts, Hoodies, Umbrellas, carrier bags etc) so much.
They should have a few major theme shops one for each mascot and sell all there items there. Then also have your regular basic ones.
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Gotta agree, would be really cool if somehow we could theme a ride (Think Smiler or Nemisis) and then sell items that match the rides in the shops too
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