It's almost a year and I still have fun

The first birthday of JW Evolution is coming and I still play and think about it regulary. I'm exited whenever news are coming or new features are teased and so I can't wait for the next big summer update.
I have to hold myself back in building an new Park on Nublar again and to wait for it and it's new implements to the game. I think it will be worth it. So long, I collect trophys (already platinum in the main game) and beat the last Challenge-mode (still need the banana ... ehm arid-skin for the Spinoraptor ;)).

Looking back, Frontier did a lot to improve the game. The interaction with the community was exemplary and feedback was handled in a great way (Dinsaur sizes, the implementation of highly requested dinosaurs, fixing of game mechanics and bugs). The devs showed, that they are aware of the players wishes and so I'm confident, that also other great impovements will find their way in the game sooner or later.

The Dev.-Spotlights for example where a great way of teasing new features and I still remember the day, when I came home after work and I saw the first image of the Iguanodon on Youtube. After confusion (I first thought it was a photoshop-prank) came the joy. To release the "Cretaceous-Pack" out of nowhere in addition to the also great free Patch (1.6 I think) was a great and welcome surprise. Same later, with the "Carnivor-Pack". It's a and fresh and fun way to expand the game.

Usually I quietly enjoying games, but I thought that should be said.
So thank you for all your great work. I'm eagerly await the future of the game.

PS: For more praise I take bribes in form of an ingame Dimetrodon (and I f*** don't care that's no dinosaur).
Just kidding ... or not, I really want this beast ;)
Yeah, same here, OP.
Still playing, going through the story for the third time, right now, plus countless hours spent by sandboxing the hell out of it.
Wait, they are not countless, actually. There's 250 of them and ticking.

I'm not playing every day, any more, like I did ove the summer last year, but every now and then when I need to relax, I'll have a nice evening with the game. :)
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