It's alright, I can laugh about it now (an alien base adventure)

The adventure begins when I re-spawn in my Asp X outside the alien base, delighted to find that I still have a UA in my hold after yesterday's adventures in the heart of darkness with Cmdr Cold_Za. I head back inside for one final look around before I return back to the bubble (to catch up with the latest Buckyball Race).

As I exit again a thought occurs to me ... if I leave an Unknown Link outside one of the doors then perhaps other commanders will be able to pick it up again and get back inside. This works better than expected since it turns out that leaving the UL just outside on the doorstep effectively props the door open. Cool! I spot a screenshot opportunity.

It was while observing how close the Asp was to fitting through the door that I came up with THE PLAN.

- take the UL to the nearest station with a shipyard
- get a much smaller ship
- return to the base
- prop the door open again
- fly the ship inside!

All goes reasonably to plan, it's only a handful of jumps in the Asp to Sister's Refuge asteroid base, and not long before I'm sat in an Eagle with the UL in my hold.

Now the problems begin. I need the cargo hold, a Fuel Scoop, a planetary vehicle hangar and a decent AMFU (remember, the UL is constantly corroding my ship - if it eats through the cargo hold and falls out then I won't be able to get back inside the base).

It's 28 jumps, I've got a 1A scoop, no shields and corrosive cargo ... hit it!

The journey back is absolutely thrilling. The 1A scoop is like drinking an extra thick milkshake through a cocktail straw and the combination of heat and corrosion make the Eagle harder to hold together than a thrice dunked biscuit. The cargo scoop is the main focus of the AMFU's attention but at one point I nearly lose the canopy and I also suffer a nearly disastrous overheating incident when I forget that repairing the failing FSD also shuts the damn thing down.

Come on baby ... hold it together, 10 jumps ... 5 jumps ... 1 jump ... MADE IT!

I land the little ship right next to one of the alien doors, jump into the SRV, transfer the UL (praise the lord, it's still in the hold) and head off to prop one of the doors open with it so I can fly the ship inside.

What happens next is ... unexpected. I'll let the video tell the tale but suffice to say I didn't realise what was going to happen until it was too late!


To be continued.

Part #2 (Plans B and Z)

Part #3 (Plan C)

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Well, I can tell you now, the DBX does not fit in the tunnel. :p

However, it does fit nicely in the bumhole bit at the top of the centre structure. :p

Trying to upload a screenshot, but it won't let me. :(

CMDR Cosmic Spacehead
Oh no, I saw it coming before you dropped it. If you turn to the side and eject the cargo and it should roll to the side wall instead, right? I Feel for you. Long journey for nothing.

Looking forward to plan B.
Oh no, I saw it coming before you dropped it. If you turn to the side and eject the cargo and it should roll to the side wall instead, right? I Feel for you. Long journey for nothing.
I suppose I knew it might roll a bit ... but right down the slope and straight in through the frickin' door?!?!?!



Looking forward to plan B.
I also have a plan Z now ... it basically depends on whether anyone's in the instance tomorrow morning.
Plan Z will be hilarious, it'll fail and will naturally lead on to plan C.
Plan B is somewhat tedious but I feel obliged to see this whole sorry affair through to its natural conclusion one way or another now.
Taipan does not fit.
Got mine wedged so tightly had to get a bump to knock it loose.

"Big wheels keep on turnin'
"Proud Mary keep on burnin'
"Rollin' like an Unknown Link"
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