It's NECK to NECK!

It's a tight race ladies and gentlemen! Between the Imperials and the Federation a very tight race indeed with the Aliiance falling back to a distant third place!

Never before has a race now so tightly contested has anything like this ever been seen! WHO will win in such a tight battle to claim VICTORY?

With four days plus to go it looks like the Imperials will have to close the gap to over come the Fedration and believe me folks it will come down to the wire! Indeed it is too close to call yet but we'll see who the new champions will be very shortly, standby for further details as we watch with baited breath to see who will rise the Victor!
Whilst I might meet my obligations to cheer for my Imperial Patron

I wonder why, RP wise, the Super Powers are still struggling against each other when it is under the premise of securing the resources for the defense against the Thargoids. Whilst the Thargoids have pulled back from the Core Systems, they are not gone nor defeated.
Is it all that it takes that the knife is withdrawn from ones's throat for old rivalries to revitalize themselves?

Should it not have been a cooperative effort

Will we see another brush fire war over the spoils? That didn't work out for the Empire last time
I thought about making a thread for all imperial and fed players to make the alliance cg win.
Wouldn't that be different.
Maybe next time.
All 3 superpowers will establish a strong presence in the Witch Head nebula. All 3 superpowers will win this CG and with them all humanity will win.

If a supperpower finishes their CG earlier all CMDRs supporting that superpower should help the Alliance to reach their final tier. (Assuming the other superpower will finish their CG without help.)
Looks like the Witch Head Nebula will also need a ture independent faction instead of leaving the meta alloys to a monopoly of the superpowers. I propose a pirate anarchy faction. Let's call them "Witch Head Vandals". Stealing Meta Alloys from the superpowers to distribute over the black market to anyone in need and with the right amount ISK.
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