It's official. I'm a Billionaire

Congrats Commander!

You have way more restraint than I do....when I hit my first billion I bought so many ships that I was back down under 100k... Haven't been back to a billion in the bank since (though I do have 2.something billion in assets).

Let us know how you like the Mamba. I've considered buying one even though I already have several "better" combat ships, just because they look fun to fly.
What a great birthday. Earned my first Billion Credits.

And since it's my birthday I got myself a present. I bought brand new Mamba.
Apologies if I won't reply to any messages - I'm going celebrating. My birthday. First Billion. And new Mamba.
And your secret to your success is...?

Now its time to it away learning PvP.

It's a good time, I promise.

Just so there's no confusion, those asterisks are supposed to be p i s s

Edit: Oh, and happy birthday!
Congrats Cmdr, and happy celebrations. I want you drunkby midnight, challenging everyone and anyone (ok not NPCs) to a speed docking competition!

That should reduce that there balance a bit.

Congrats CMDR! You will enjoy spending it!

In my day you celebrated (with a half of mid mind you) when you could afford a new fuel scoop

baa, bloody kids these days
I remember the joy when I could finally afford an Advanced Discovery Scanner. No more trying to eye-ball bodies further than 500Ls away!!

Congrats OP! I hit 1.1B cr's a couple of days ago and still consider myself noobish; still climbing the steep learning curve weeks/ months into the game. And haven't come close to experincing all of the various activities- mining, passenger running etc.
OP have you done the Guardian FSD upgrade yet ? That's next on my to-do list.
Nowadays earning billion is pretty easy as soon as you can get decent mining rig just get to void opal business and soon visits to some nice rings are like visits to your own money printing machine. Earlier on you needed to hunt for hints of soon to be closed lucrative businesses, like certain passanger runs and so on.
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