It's official. I'm a Billionaire

What a great birthday. Earned my first Billion Credits.

And since it's my birthday I got myself a present. I bought brand new Mamba.
Apologies if I won't reply to any messages - I'm going celebrating. My birthday. First Billion. And new Mamba.
Congtrats on the birthday and congrats on the Mamba. Great spaceship! Dirty drags (as always) help a lot on the handling.
Proper rig, ie you need mining charge launcher, prospector limpets mining scanner, collector limpets, abrasion blaster. Ship should be somewhat manouverable (not big restriction, I mined with my Cutter :D ) If you do not know how to handle npc-pirates some weaponry and shielding is recommended. After that, well you need to find your spot. Icy rings for void opals, preferably ones not mined allready. EDDB site is your friend.

How it works, you descend to rings and drop from supercruise after scanning the rings with mapping probes and finding hotspot for stuff you want. Do not drop to exact center of spot it is likely someone has mined it allready. Then choose a course fly out and scan until you find very brightly looking asteroid, that is motherload. Shoot prospector limpet to it. If it says something like core found, void opals then you are lucky. Lock on to fractures and shoot mining charges on them, takes a bit of practice to get power levels and so on right. Retreat and wait, soon gigantic explosion breaks whole asteroid. Collect loose stuff. Shoot with abrasion blaster new surface deposits and collect stuff. Leave asteroid continue flight and scanning and repeat.

Note this is not exact tutorial just quick and easy answer.
I only got a billion credits after trying all the ships in the game. In hindsight should have done it the other way around, but that made no sense you have real things to do before that. Hmmm
sincere thanks to all of you. It was a real pleasure to read all those wishes. Now, to answer few questions:

Let us know how you like the Mamba. I've considered buying one even though I already have several "better" combat ships, just because they look fun to fly.
Too early to say anything. I made my B, went to buy Mamba, took for a test flight (totally stock, didn't even changed the name), came back to the station and log off to celebrate birthday. Plus few days ago I got X52Pro Hotas and it messed a bit with my other keybinds so I cannot even properly free cam to make a photo.

When I get back today I'll try to setup free cam and maybe fly Mamba a bit more. For the past few days I was flying T-9 and getting into Mamba was a shock - how fast that beast is. Even E rated. Can't wait to see how it handles after module upgrades.

Ah, remember the days when just earning enough to jump from a Sidey to a Cobra was cause for celebration?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.....
My first big goal was to get DBX. 1.6M. Flying Adder with 22t cargo space and earning 20k felt awesome back in my starting day.

Happy Birthday.

Sadly, you are the only person playing ED who was not a Billionaire already. :D
Probably because I didn't do any "creative use of mechanics" back in a day (1 - unaware when started; 2 - they went dry by the time I learned about it; 3 - it required Anaconda when my biggest was T-6), when mining dropped and everyone went VO I was happily and merrily snailing my way toward Colonia. I always do things opposite.

And your secret to your success is...?
Hence and fort. All day. For many days. Rinse and repeat.
As stated above, Imperial Slaves smuggling, Robigo runs, stacking skimmer mission (did that one evening, didn't liked) or any other was beyond me. I tried to play my way, hence slow progress. From memory (later I'll publish my income graph), my major income moments were:
  • first Sag A* and back exploration journey, ASP-X, 33 LYs, a year before exploration mechanics change. Earned 110M.
  • grinding Imperial Navy and Federal Navy ranks. About two weeks total. Earned over 200M.
  • occasional Basic Medicines and Outbreak state. When hauling missions paid 500-800k with rare 1.2M I could pull 3M with Anaconda.
  • few months ago I went to Colonia, under new exploration mechanics. Counting just getting there since coming back I did via Suicidewinder. About 350M.
  • tried that fabled mining while in Colonia. No station was buying VO for 1.6M there so i was forced to sell them at 800k. Made ~50M.
  • last part: past two weeks I was exclusively trading commodities. EDDB + Inara to pickup most profitable loop. 9-12k profit per tonne. Started with Anaconda and earned about 200M. Bought Corvette, had to refill those 150M. When done then bought T-9 and had to refill those 40-ish M. Starting at ~748M past few days I earned remaining 252M to finally break 1B mark yesterday.
It was short lived since I'm at 950 ish M atm for I bought Mamba as a reward and birthday gift. If my loop won't be dry this evening I will need just 10 trips to be Billionaire once again.

Congrats Cmdr, and happy celebrations. I want you drunkby midnight, challenging everyone and anyone (ok not NPCs) to a speed docking competition!

That should reduce that there balance a bit.

But first I need my Mamba upgraded and engineered.
And you're invited.

OP have you done the Guardian FSD upgrade yet ? That's next on my to-do list.
Yes, managed to unlock it last year. My only Guardian tech, on top of regular G5 FSD engineering. haven't touched engineers for real, just got what Farseer has. But essential I have.
Hey Brett, nice of you to come and comment.

Next goal? Reaching ultimate - triple elite. On the way there unlocking engineeres as those two are mutually complementary. And I like to have an edge. So far I have neglelcted combat whatsoever for it's my (now) least favorite activity. Since I already got two elite, why stop now?

But before I get to real work I'm going to spend some time celebrating for I have few things to celebrate. Reaching Billionaire status and recent promotion to trading Elite.
What a great birthday. Earned my first Billion Credits.

And since it's my birthday I got myself a present. I bought brand new Mamba.
Apologies if I won't reply to any messages - I'm going celebrating. My birthday. First Billion. And new Mamba.
Congrast Shiro, on both the birthday, the Billion and the mamba :) Hope the rest of your day goes really well o7
It does Jay, it does. On top of it, yesterday I achieved Elite status in trading. That's my second Elite. And probably end of big things for the time being.
Thargoid scouts are really good for pushing your combat rank, and the war effort could use a hand, could even do it in your mamba with AX multicannons? Then it won't be long until this becomes yours...

Sorry about so many edits, I really shouldnt try posting when wearing my eye patch :-(
In my day you celebrated (with a half of mid mind you) when you could afford a new fuel scoop

baa, bloody kids these days
Back in dem dayz, you were lucky if the last 3 missions you did paid for your repair/restock/refuel :unsure: As an old grumpy vet I miss those days (cause, us old timers love to be miserable)

The ability to purchase ED credits with cash has taken the edge off these kinds of achievements. Was this don't in Open?
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