PvP I've been corrupted *sigh*

Yep, I got the count down to around 180 jumps on the normal plotter before I got tired of it and fired up spansh - 47 neutrons in a row later I was in carcosa.
Whats the reason to go out there anyway? Is there some super awesome thing only found in Colonia?
1. BGS players get to play the BGS without having to worry about some powerplay group swooping in like "UH SO WE GET AN EXTRA 0.5CC FOR THIS SYSTEM IF WE FLIP IT TO A DIFFERENT GOVERNMENT TYPE SO YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO BE HERE"
2. The colonia bubble is somewhat more compact, so the people that play there are generally more likely to run into each other rather than being lost in the giant ocean of bubble systems.
3. Some of the engineer blueprints can only be obtained in Colonia.
4. No ezmode outfitting, you actually have to shop around to get your ships fitted. You know, like when you were first starting and didn't have Jameson's one-stop-shop. But the lack of that single "everyone come here" system to get people to meet each other isn't a problem because (2).
5. Despite being more likely to run into players in any given system, colonia isn't exactly low-hanging-fruit for the low-skill gankers and wordless wonders to reach, so even if someone you meet is hostile, they're less likely to be your typical 12 year old.
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