I've Been Krated For A While, And...

The alt account has been using the Krait 2 in both beta and live.

The reason is it found not one, but *two* cute NPC's. They are both Harmless, and trade off flying the SLF.

Attention: Art Department. The Mugshot Lineup isn't selling SLF's, much, for me.

So, the results are as follows: The SLF's *do* help in combat. But, the combat does not do much for me. It gets boring, fast. Great way to scoop up parts, but not much more.

Despite the many claims for other purposes for the Krait, it's real reason to exist is that fighter bay, and combat. Big guns, and fighters. And, placing the big mounts on top. Cobra 4? :)

The Python does everything well, if not perfectly. For nearly the same cost, you get the medium-pad champion. The Krait is the de-nerfed Python, with a fighter bay.

If your playstyle is not purely combat, the Python is the better choice. I have more fun flying combat in a DBS, than the Krait.

I wish I could put the cute NPC's into frozen storage... :)

You may now continue basking in the Year Of The Krate... :)
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I happily stripped and mothballed the Python. I was/am perfectly willing to swap a few tons of capacity, for the flight characteristics of the K-MkII. I would barely ever drag the python out of the shipyard, it would come out once or twice a month. And, even then it was just to make my favored faction happy. Now I fly the Krait mostly everyday.

In short, the Python, and how it flies is all but useless to me, even considering it's potential payload. I haul more now, with the krait, a ship I enjoy flying, than I ever did with a python. For combat, I use an aChief.
Nothing will replace my python. And the Krait for combat you say? bah. Maybe PvE combat. For PvP the Krait is a deathtrap (I'm not good enough I spose). My combat style is suited well for ships like the FDL and Challenger. The Krait is too squishy.
In a head on ramming contest - my Python always bests a Krait. That's why I stick with the Python. Plus the dark, cozy cockpit.
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