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Janitors leaving assigned area when there's a monorail in the park.

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Most of the time

Area of Game Affected
Park Management

My park is setup with the front park and a rear park which is only accessible from a monorail. I have two janitors assigned (by a work roster) to this rear park. Many times I would get complaints of trash and check to see where the rear park janitors are, and I find them at the front of the park. I've replaced them, but the replacements eventually wind up in the front of the park also. The janitors and mechanics for the rear park are both assigned to the same work roster, but only the janitors leave the rear park. I've checked and re-checked the work roster to make sure that everything on the roster is only in the rear park, and it is. I don't get it... It's still happening even after the patch. I have to constantly check to see where my janitors for my rear park are, then move them back to where they're supposed to be.

Steps to Reproduce
Have a separate park connected by a monorail system. Assign janitors and mechanics to that park. Only the janitors will leave and somehow be transported to the front park.


Frontier QA Team
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So basically your response was to show me where someone else complained about the same thing?
This is because we ask that folks search the forum before submitting a new report, just in case it has already been reported. As you have already posted in the original report for this issue, I will lock this thread as it is now a duplicate.
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