ANNOUNCEMENT January Update is out now!

Well, says an hour to go. both machines clocking 5-6 mbps.. But it is 7:41 local time so the rest of the world will be hitting the cell phones to play U Tube for the kids and the speed will tank.
Well. Exactly 1 hour since I started both machines on upgrade.
Speed now .6-.8 mbps but both saying 10 minutes to completion. OPPS both jumped to 30 minutes now.

8:42, They made it just 7 minutes over the original hour. I think the school buses must have arrived since I got a last minute spurt at about 7 mbps.

Now I can turn on mu microwave and fix some breakfast before I try the Wing Mining.
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the truth is that it is quite tired to read people always complaining about everything before trying things well, but okay you're right, I shouldn't mind at all, my game is fine and I enjoy it, but it really starts to bother me as a user, that content is delayed by nonsense of people who seem to have never seen a small mistake in a video game,or do not know how to make responsible use of pc or game, literally every day, is unsettling!
They just released the patch, with reporting the errors in the issue tracker I think it's more than enough.
Before blaming the developers, I checked everything, found people with the same problem and tried to exclude everything that could interfere with the game on my part. If I was a little rude, it was only because your messages can mislead other people and they will lose a lot of time trying to fix a bug that cannot be fixed
There's a FoV slider in-game. You can change your FoV without tampering with game files.

Additionally, many users who are experiencing stutters did not have them before this update. Myself included ; game ran smooth for hundreds of hours. Today, at patch day, it's a stutter fest. Don't imply that using an in-game FoV slider caused this.

For my part, I only mean people who touch up the FOV in the files of the game, not in the game options.
About the stuttering... does it make any difference in the stuttering based on how robust of a pc you are using?
Possibly. I had a FPS drop of around 30 in the main screen (dropped to around 100FPS) but only for around 10 seconds, my PC is reasonably powerful...
[...] but only for around 10 seconds
I just want to use this as a springboard to reiterate there is no "just" or "only" in VR. Stuttering is a very jarring experience, especially when each stutter is a long (in VR terms) pause. What is probably a minor bug on a flat screen is game-breaking for me personally as a VR-exclusive player these days.

Now "game-breaking" is relative. I definitely won't be going exploring as I had hoped to do. I might be able to run missions between a small set of systems if those systems have very few landable planets. I'll try that later today. I'm personally disappointed because the update that was supposed to fix exploration has actually KILLED exploration for me. I was really looking forward to going out and trying the new tools as described in the patch notes, not what we ended up with.

But despite my disappointment, I'm sure Frontier will fix this bug. I just hope they do so sooner (like this week) vs. later.
A person who can't play the game BECAUSE IT IS BROKEN is much more likely to be in the forums. Now why all you white knights live in the forum instead playing the game y'all claim is perfect, that's the question that people should be asking.
to be broken, there are too many players that have gone quite far .... but what does start to look like is an empty game, I mean, if it were a game to play for a year, it's fine,but to play for 10 years at this rate, where players see bugs everywhere....hell, as users give them a break please.
I am quite the opposite of a knight,I have even things to complain about, but they are not exactly bugs, one can withstand small bugs that all games have after all,but the multitude of complaints of users for trivialities, in fact overshadow good ideas for content, change mechanics or block it directly.
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