ANNOUNCEMENT January Update is out now!

Dear Frontier

Thanks for introducing the horrible stuttering when you enter a system. Hopefully this will knobble the attempts of anyone else trying to beat my winning 2nd place time in the Halpy Hand Buckyball race (bonus class).

The cheque is in the post.

Cmdr Alec Turner
Dear Frontier

I've cancelled the cheque!

Yours in disgust
Cmdr Alec Turner

RE: Exploding on contact and the graph.
I am now 3 for 3 busting snowballs with both ships up close to it. Was able to do it with either ship. No premature explosions and the graph worked.

Tried multi-crew but the only turreted mining tool I have is the SCL and I suspect it will never be usable by the Crew member (or I could not figure out how to actually use the SCL as crew) since even though the pilot lost control of it, the gunner crew member could not target a fissure in the Nav Panel and could not see them on the snowball. May play with this again later.

Next up will be the ultimate test. Can both ships place SCL's and will both graphs accurately reflect the placement? Both will have to prospect it even though ideally both ship should see the fissures in the Nav panel if only one of them has prospected.
That was a (worryingly quick) quick update, let's see what we get....

Well maybe I was right to worry - anyone else getting the MASSIVE stutter issue when dropping/flying/etc???
I was just thinking that these are my shaders, but game is truly/visibly choppy.. I am however afraid that it may have something to do with the server prep for the update. I observed this last night EST during my stream..
Found this in Reddit, I also played around with the planet rendering textures and I think it less noticeable. Further testing is required.

View attachment 158759
No need to mess around with settings, just wait until tomorrow.

Greetings Commanders,

Thank you for your patience while we investigated some of the issues that have arisen during the January Update. We have determined the cause of the stuttering issue that players have experienced upon exiting hyperjump and we will shortly be releasing a patch to fix this. Please see below for when the fix will be released on your platform:
  • PC - Wednesday 15 January at 12:00 UTC
  • Xbox and PS4 - Next week (beginning Monday 20 January) - Exact date to be confirmed
Alongside next week's console patch, we will also be releasing a patch for all platforms that will address a number of other high priority issues. We will have more information about what fixes will be included in this patch early next week.

If you have encountered a bug or error with the January Update, please do report this straight to our Issue Tracker so that we can continue to investigate!

Next up will be the ultimate test. Can both ships place SCL's and will both graphs accurately reflect the placement? Both will have to prospect it even though ideally both ship should see the fissures in the Nav panel if only one of them has prospected.
WOW!! Here is how ships in a wing can both place SC's and only one needs to prospect.
I really did not expect this to work but I think it stands to reason that it should since, as I understand it, before the prospectors told the fissure strength, people were mining by just shooting SCLs at the visible fissures.

One ship prospects and then targets a fissure.
The other ship(s) in the wing can see the target and place an SC and that ship will get a graph.
The other ship can then place a SC and it will get a graph and both graphs will reflect the total placed charges.
Only the ship that prospected can disable or do early detonation.
hey i love bug fixes. thank you for fixing bugs.

how about a balance pass, too?
like...ammo count in shock cannons? reload speed on shard cannons?

oh and make the cobra mkIV faster, thanks.
Greetings Commanders,

The January Update is now live!

This update is part of our plan to address recent and longstanding issues, fixing as many high priority bugs and issues as possible:

Following the feedback gathered from the open beta, we've implemented an alternative solution to help mitigate the long delay when scanning planets with geological/biological sites. Now, when scanning a planet, commanders will receive an indication of the likelihood of that planet having any geological/biological sites ranging from Unlikely, Likely or Very Likely. Alternatively, commanders can wait for the full scan (which takes a little longer) to complete to get an exact number of geological/biological sites.

Background Simulation and Powerplay
We've introduced a number of new Background Simulation states which can threaten a faction's economic and security prosperity, as well as introduced a number of Powerplay fixes and recalculations to better improve the feature.
  • The new Faction States are Blight, Natural Disaster, Infrastructure Failure, Drought, Terrorist Attack, and Public Holiday.

We've also implemented fixes when mining in a wing for those lucrative deep-cores, taking on seeming-invincible Thargoids, Collector Limpets scraping against one's hull, rubber-banding ships and visual artifacts ruining well-timed screenshots. Click here to read all of the fixes in the January Update!

Commanders, please check out this thread for information on Patch One for the January Update.
do u think nerving the market improves gameplay
no worries, man. and it looks like it wasn't my FOV afterall o7
yes ,i know,and seems that they have created a patch for it, my reasoning for writing that were:
1: I had not experienced that problem ATM
after each patch, there are even problems in the settings of the controls .... as if everything was restored.
Using logic a bit, it is possible to think that if you apply a patch to a file that should be in its original state, it may fail if it has been retouched. And it's just my own guess. I never stated that stuttering ATM may be due to FOV or a change in the files,but it did it before ,and definitely shouldn't be a good idea to have the files retouched before a patch or to inform a developer .
Now it is clear that I was wrong, but sometimes I think that players who retouch original files, and may be the majority in elite, can also create problems for programmers after applying patches, since a developer prepares the patch for the original file, I'm not a developer, but I don't think my idea is as crazy as some think.
How many people here know that the FOV can not be applied to a screen of less than 1080 p? I think very few, since nobody gave me the answer one day in the forum when I had to change my broken 1080p screen to another 720p, I searched enough and deep to find the solution because the game screen broke completely and was unplayable, and the solution was that those screens do not support a FOV increase, I don't remember why,but is
a small detail that could not be resolved in the forum and that could be of help to others.

Maybe I sounded somewhat angry and responded to random users, but I really wanted to contribute something instead of adding to the complaints without having tried it myself first.

All it´s ok and I'm glad they found a solution for everyone. o7
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