ANNOUNCEMENT January Update - Patch Notes

  • Updated misleading retreat mission text - it was suggesting that the mission was helping the withdrawal of the faction, when in fact it should aid the faction in staying within the system.
Stephen, I am really sorry to rain on your parade, but as I feared, you guys didn't fix the RETREAT missions. In my opinion, they still mislead us to think we will help them to retreat from a system, when if fact we are helping them to stay. Please check the screenshot bellow, taken last night:

As you can see, there are two missions labeled "COMMERCIAL SAMPLES SALVAGE TO AID RETREAT"

Ok, English is not my main language, so I might be mistaken there. In case I am not wrong... I believe changing "AID" for "AVOID" would finally fix the VERY OLD issue.

And yes, I did file a ticket because of this:

I even decided to check if the translated version (portuguese) would also be incorrect and it is. Check the image bellow

For those who don't read/speak portuguese, in english the 2nd and 4th missions "say": COMMERCIAL SAMPLES SALVAGE TO HELP/AID RETREAT.
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Hey @Kenjiro,

Have you previously reported this via the Issue Tracker? If not, would you be able to log it so the team can investigate this?
Well, well, well... I came back from vacation and was trying to find the old posts and complaints about this issue, but looks like they "MAGICALLY" disappeared. Even the thread where we discuessed issues regarding the Portuguese translation, in the new forum, was wiped out.

So here is a ticket I just opened about the issue regarding portuguese translation:
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