Jeep and ACU minor Feature Adjustments (That will greatly help daily gameplay)

A few Jeep tweaks- if anyone else agrees, comment or like, or add your own input.

1. Add the instructions for Horn and Radio controls on the bottom pane when driving the Jeep. I know 'H' for horn, but the prompt doesn't show it. I also believe there was a key for the radio on/off. Can we simply add those on screen, too?

2. The mechanic when you hit an object but try to continue forward seems to work in the reverse order than it should. Instead of forcing itself past the object, it ends up turning the rear-end of the Jeep in the wrong direction, pushing the nose further into the wrong direction you are trying to control.

3. On PC, when assigning tasks to the Ranger Team, Right-click does not actually go 'Back' as the prompt suggests. Instead it le'ts go and backs out of control of the Jeep. An example of this is that when you release a dinosaur from the Hatchery, and Right-click out of the release animation, it goes back to the menu list of the Hammond Creation Lab incubation slots. This is handy because you can then release another dinosaur, incubate, etc. However, when you want to cancel or prioritize the Ranger Team assignments, you can't easily get back to their instruction menu. Instead you need to hit the key for Ranger Station, select the right team and then go back to their assignments. A simple Right-click 'Back' option to their menu would be very helpful.

4. Almost forgot the most important request! PARKING BRAKE! We need to be able to Park the Ranger Team so we can strategically place them for certain events or to monitor certain enclosures, have them ready for certain photo opportunities. So if this was to be implemented, it would be fairly simple- maybe (on PC) switch the hotkey for Camera to (C) so that (P) can be used for Park. This would enable the normal Brake (Space) and keep it on, while additionally turning the Return To Base mechanic off. Having a small icon or banner displayed saying 'Vehicle Parked' would keep the player mindful of the status. This mechanic would allow you to leave vehicles in one place.

**These could also be integrated into the ACU chopper, with the same 'Back' right-click to the assignment list and a 'Hover' option to keep the chopper in a stationed point, instead of returning to base. Perhaps both Park and Hover only last for five minutes before the vehicles breaks cycle and needs to return to base for refueling- during which time it is "Returning To Base" it cannot be given instruction or driven. This provides a realistic disadvantage for keeping a vehicle parked.
Would love all of these changes, would be so useful not only for gameplay but the break would be nice for setting up screenshots/scenes
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