Jörmungandr's Odyssey to Beagle Point


F.C.O.C. Jörmungandr is looking for willing and able explorers both experienced and new to join for an Odyssey to Beagle Point! With the next expansion, we will be able to experience all the galaxy has to offer like never before. Jörmungandr, of the Fleet Carrier Owner's Club (Discord Invite) will make its way to Beagle point for the first time ever, by way of Colonia (If you need a ride to Colonia, here you go).

Here is the plan:
Departure is planned for a week or so after Odyssey is released (pending more details on the expansion)
We will visit 4 major waypoints on the way to Colonia.
We will stay in Colonia for at least a week for Refueling Operations.
Depart for Beagle Point with 4 major waypoints on the way.
Time at Beagle Point is flexible and yet to be determined. Expect no longer than a week or so.
Depart for Sagittarius A* on a direct course. No major Waypoints.
Refueling operations at Sag A* (depends on Tritium Sale availability)
Depart for the bubble once refueled

From Sagittarius A*, explorers are welcome to stay and help with refueling operations or make their way back to the bubble or elsewhere via neutron highway or carrier.
We hope you will enjoy the trip!

To help me track how many passengers I’m likely to have and gauge interest, please fill out the form below. While not strictly necessary to hitch a ride, I cannot help anyone that I’m not aware has boarded the carrier, especially if you get left behind at a waypoint. If we get at least 10 participants, we can be listed as an official Expedition on EDSM! If needed, Jörmungandr can make trips out to Guardian Ruins to help facilitate Guardian FSD Booster unlocks.

Because my FCOC channel will get flooded with Carrier Jump notifications, all passengers are welcome in my personal server.
We have multiple channels for Fleet Carrier Operations, Wing Chat, and Wing Comms if you want to hangout in voice chat during the Voyage.
Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/33eVfafP3Y
DM me at Earthserpent#4540

Jörmungandr's Odyssey to Beagle Point Sign Up Form

This Google Sheet will allow passengers to track the carrier’s progress. I will be updating it as we make our way. It also has convenient links to the major waypoints we’ll be visiting.

This is the list of major waypoints F.C.O.C. Jörmungandr will be stopping at during the trip. Expect to stay at each major waypoint for at least a day. (pending IRL Schedule)

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