[EMPIRE] Join Lavigny's Legion, the Emperor's personal guard!


Welcome, citizen or soon to be citizen of the Empire. We, Lavigny's Legion, are recruiting. Every loyal son or daugther of the Empire is welcome to join our ranks.

Who are we?
We are the houseguards of the Lavigny's, one of the most important imperial senatorial dynasties, and as such also the personal guard of the current Emperor, Arissa Lavigny-Duval.
Led by our Praetor Council under the supervision of Admiral Lucius Lavigny, we serve to support the Empire and especially the Emperor herself. The ideals that mark Emperor Arissa’s reign, Security, Justice and Order, define all our actions. Fierce in our dedication to the cause we never back down.

From our HQ in Carthage, only a few jumps away from Kamadhenu and the imperial capital system Achenar, we keep watch over our own domain of currently 17 star systems and plan and execute operations to expand imperial influence and dominance. In order to achieve this we maintain a large network of allies and are present in both the ALD Power community and the Imperial High Council.

Why should I join?
The Legion is the largest imperial squadron with nearly 700 members and is active around the globe and on all platforms (PC, XB1 and PS4). From the administration and spread of our own minor faction (BGS), over constant support of ALD and Imperial objectives in cooperation with our imperial and independent allies (Powerplay), to the direct fight against hostile commanders in and outside of imperial space (PvP) we offer a multitude of ways to get involved. Our Xeno-Defense initiative, EDGE, and it's deeds are unparalleled within the Empire. It provides reliable protection against the Thargoid threat. All in all our field of activity is vast and ever growing.
Everybody in our ranks does as much as he can and wants to. There are no obligations.
We are also proud of our member education program. It gives easy access to information about the intricate mechanics behind BGS and Powerplay, as well as deep insights in imperial and Legion lore. Voice lectures offer interested Legionnaires an opportunity to learn from the experience of our leadership and of experts from allied groups.
Of course this is only a very brief summary of our activities. You can find much more information on our Inara page.

If you are searching for an active imperial group that accepts veterans and newer players alike and gives you many opportunities to enjoy the galaxy the way you like you have found exactly what you were looking for. So,if we were able to attract your interest do not hesitate further. Head over to our website and learn more or simply join us on Discord. Our friendly team of Officers and Vexillarii will gladly answer all your questions.

We hope to meet you soon in Carthage, Commanders.
Arissa Invicta!



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1337 days I am now with the Legion. And now I also learn that l33t comes from Elite!

The reason why I still enjoy to play Elite in my rare spare time is simply that I found a great community with Lavigny's Legion! At first (restrictive) sight our Discord doesn't offer much to the newcomer. But once you joined you can see what our discord offers in terms of mission updates and knowledge transfer (click for expanding):

If you ask yourself, "what can I do today?", you just have a quick look where the Legion needs you most and start the next mission with our lore in the background. So the head cinema is switched on and Elite is more fun.
Hello, everybody,

as a squadron we do everything to keep the players attracted to the game.

Lavigny's Legion offers a lot of "orders" for everyone who starts the game and doesn't know what to do. Simply imagine, that you are part of that military organisation and you receive a mission from your Centurion or Praetor.

The campaign against Nova Imperium was very cool, and has now been documented in the current issue of Sagittarius Eye starting on page 14: https://sagiarchive.buanzo.org/26_Q1 3306.pdf

Have fun with the read.

That "head cinema" when playing is one of the reasons why I still enjoy playing. The Legion is the body around the bony skeleton of Elite Dangerous. And if you are interested to become part of the Emperor's houseguard: https://inara.cz/squadron/85/

Imperial Greetings,
Praetor Darth Vater
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