[EMPIRE] Join the Corvus Intelligence Group


Greetings Commanders!

The Corvus Intelligence Group is now conducting a small recruitment drive and invites commanders looking for a new home and an organised but casual squadron.

The Corvus Intelligence Group is an Empire-affiliated corporation with business interests in the vicinity of Meene.
We adopt a relaxed attitude to our BGS orientated game-play, are regularly online and in-game and use both open and private game play modes.
We are PC-based but welcome commanders who engage with the galaxy via alternative platforms.
Our discord server caters for players from different backgrounds with interests that are not solely restricted to the world of Elite Dangerous but the server is the home of our squadron.
If you would like further information regarding the squadron or you're thinking about joining, visit us on Inara at Corvus Intelligence Group
or follow the Discord link which will guide you to our lobby where you will be assigned a "visitor" role and where one of our agents will be happy to assist you.

Our thanks for your time.

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