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About us:

The Nova Navy is the navy of the Frontier-created faction, Nova Imperium. With Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval as Commander-in-Chief, no challenge is too big for his navy. Acting as the physical force present in systems where the Imperator wishes to exert and/or expand his presence, the Nova Navy is directly Nova Imperium's vanguard. It is we, who spread the word and enforce the systems to comply with the policies of the Imperator, as we slowly but surely implement the ideology of the Hadrian Augustus Duval into the systems under our control.

In June 3306, The Treaty of Paresa has been signed. This ended our struggle with loyalist forces for the Imperial Throne, as the Imperator has become a legitimized member of the Imperial Family. This is a bit different from the original "Mordanticus-thought", which is what caused our insurrection against the Throne. But we have reviewed as stated back in 3305, and below you can see our cause explained, without the Throne question. The Imperial Senate ratified the treaty on November 16th, 3306

Nova Imperium, and therefore the Nova Navy, remain champions for the following ideals:

The restoration of old Imperial glory and strength
This means that we actively seek to rebuild the Imperial Navy to such a degree that it will be the undisputed supreme military force in known human space

The restoration of old Imperial standards and traditions
We aim for an Empire where everyone is respected, from Slave to Senator. Nobody will be exempted from the beauty that is Imperial Citizenship. But we must not forget what made the Empire what it is. Therefore, we aim to restore the traditions and social standards found in the earliest days of our glorious Empire

Breaking the Empire's ties with the corrupted Aegis organization, instead setting up the Empire's own organization for Xeno-research and threat management
Time and time again, Aegis has shown to us to the galactic community that they cannot be trusted. Since their latest expansion into the Witch Head Nebula, Aegis has constructively made it appearant that the Empire, and by extend the other powers, are treated as nothing but cannon fodder. This must end. Therefore Nova Imperium champions a full break from Aegis, allowing the Empire to set up its own institution and to conduct both research and anti-xeno activities according to its own desires, free from the clutches of both Aegis and the other superpowers

Promoting the Empire's self-sufficiency and autarky
Last but not least, in order for the Empire to be able to survive any and all threats, we must be sure that we are not reliant on any external actor(s) for our safety, be it against another human entity, or the xeno. Therefore, we must ensure that the Empire shall break all unnessecary contacts with the Federation and Alliance, and that it shall secure the resources it requires to become fully self-sufficient. If the Federation and/or Alliance shall object to the Empire, then they shall feel its wrath

Technical information:
Squadron name: Nova Navy (PC, PS4) | Nova Navy Core (XBOX)
Ingame tag: NONA (PC, PS4) | NVAC (XBOX)
Faction: Nova Imperium
Leader: Hadrian Augustus Duval
Discord: https://discord.gg/WEJeFQw
Inara: https://inara.cz/squadron/5058/

Squadron Branches:
(For those with the desire to specialize themselves in Anti-Xeno Warfare. The Limitanei act as the shield that protects the Imperial Frontier from the Xeno menace)

(For those with the desire to specialize themselves in PvP. The Excubitores act as the most elite taskforce that can be deployed, dealing with opposing CMDRs)

(For those with the desire to specialize themselves in Ground Operations. The Marinus act as the Navy's boots on the ground, providing the Imperator with his very own Marine Corps)

(For those with the desire to specialize themselves in supplying goods and people where they are nessecary, as well as researching the unknown regions of space. The Auxilia thus act as the Navy's logistics unit and exploration/research team)

For those who do not wish to join, but wish to work with us:
(Commanders who are not apart of the Imperium, but work with us on a personal basis)


We officially conduct PvE, PvP, BGS and AX.
Aside from these fields, we also provide research and expeditions, mostly aimed in our bid to combat the Aegis organization.
Mining, trading and (re)supplying as well as mentoring of players is also nothing new to us.

We have a unique story, as we are tied to an official Frontier-made faction in the game.
Therefore, we offer an unique experience. If this is all interesting you, we ask that you conduct the following steps:

1) - Join our Discord channel (Set your nickname to CMDR {Commander name in game}, i.e: "CMDR Yumasai")

2) - Send an application to our Inara squadron page

3) - Send an application to the squadron ingame (See tag above, or type in "Nova Navy" / "Nova Navy Core")

The Imperator calls; Memento Mordanticus! For a glorious and strong Empire!
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Governor's Report - July 3rd, 3305
Brought to you by Milana Alvarado, Nova Imperium's Governor of Paresa

"On June 28th, reports were coming in that throughout the Imperator's capital of Paresa, infrastructure failures were popping up in large frequency. To make matters worse, the severity of the damage to the infrastructure meant that we were impeded in both Kahn Orbital and Koishikawa Port. Supplies, fuel, weaponry, shipments, everything was pretty much down.

In order to oversee the damage, I have spoken with the Imperator. We have decided that the best course of action would be to set up a taskforce of engineers within the stations, whereas the Navy would supply us with the materials required to get the repairs done. Time is of the essence in these kind of operations, so I was glad to see that shortly after briefing the Navy on the situation together with the Praefecti, several Nova Navy vessels took off.

2 days later, the NNV Chunchunmaru, one of the Navy's carriers, arrived in the system with much needed superconductors. We certainly were thankfull for that shipment, as we could begin electrical rerouting, rewiring and overall get electrical infrastructure back up. Later on another carrier, the NNV Bostonius, arrived with Water Purifiers and Power Generators. As they were offloaded towards designated dropoff zones within the stations more and more, our engineering teams were able to get sanitation services as well as the broken areas of the power grid back online.

On July 3rd, 3305, the taskforce reported that all repairs were successfull. This resulted in a declaration whereby the infrastructure failure status was relieved from the stations. In name of all Nova citizens, I wish to thank those that assisted"

Nova Imperium secures Mattingly Gateway for the Imperator in Wuthielo Ku
Brought to you by Commander Yumasai, Praetor and Operations Officer of the Nova Navy

"Following the Treaty of Paresa, Nova Imperium's naval forces were clear to proceed into the Wuthielo Ku system without meeting any resistance. This resulted into the deployment of several Commanders of the Nova Navy to said system.

Once there, quickly a beachhead was set up within Mattingly Gateway, a secondary station within the system, controlled by the Wuthielo Ku Company. After enough of the local residents were convinced of the Imperator's cause, and all the benefits that we issued towards those who supported the Imperator, the Wuthielo Ku Company decided that they would no longer allow Nova Imperium's actions within the station. Subsequently, Nova Imperium deployed the Nova Navy to the station and presented to the company an ultimatum: They would peacefully comply and become a puppet, sharing the prosperity and benefits that Nova policies grant... Or alternatively, there would be a declaration of war.

The Wuthielo Ku Company took too long to respond. It's CEO came to us stating he would like to submit, but it was too late. Several staunch elements within the Company hindered any official paperwork to be done on time. A state of war was announced.

Over the past 4 days, the Nova Navy quickly deployed to the system with numerous forces, including multiple fleet carriers allowing on-site repairs, refueling and rearmament. The company's vessels stood little chance against the Imperator's navy, and early today, peace was reached through their surrender. Nova Imperium would receive full control of Mattingly Gateway, whilst allowing the Wuthielo Ku Company to remain in control of Robert Dock, governing it locally in the name of the Imperator.

I wish to thank all Commanders who fought for our cause in this conflict, as this certainly is not the first to be in our renewed struggle to make the Empire great again. Memento Mordanticus!"
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Nova Imperium wins the election for Wuthielo Ku!
Brought to you by Milana Alvarado, Nova Imperium's Governor of Paresa & Wuthielo Ku

"Following the Treaty of Paresa, Nova Imperium's naval forces were clear to proceed into the Wuthielo Ku system without meeting any resistance. This resulted into the deployment of several Commanders of the Nova Navy to said system.

As we rounded up our operations following the succesfull acquisition of Mattingly Gateway within the system and succesfully reached an accord with the Wuthielo Ku Company to act as regime under our guidance, we realized that the time for the endgame was to come. Yes, with a foothold in the system secured, it was now time to challenge the Wuthielo Ku Imperial Society for control over the entire system.

We have similar way of operation, and thus we decided that bloodshed was unnessecary. Instead, we would agree on letting the population of the system choose on who is to rule the Wuthielo Ku system. Over the course of 5 days, our news agency has managed, with the aid from the Navy's Commanders as well as the assistance of the Wuthielo Ku Company to convince the population in such a way that each day a section of the system was asked to vote, Nova Imperium would be the winning party. Some say that the Imperator's internal security unit was present and wiping out resistance against Nova Imperium's presence within the system, but that is just unconfirmed and unproven fearmongering, likely set up by the Wuthielo Ku Imperial Society in a bid to sabotage our election chances.

Needless to say, after the final day of voting resulted into the undeniable victory for the Imperium, the opposition announced its defeat. The Nova Military quickly seized any and all government and information facilities, with not many hours later, myself arriving in the system to greed the people as their new Governor. I hereby pledge to maintain the system in a proper way, and I can assure you that Wuthielo Ku will adhere to Nova thought. Any and all who resist, shall be hunted down by our IIS agents.

To conclude, in name of our glorious Imperator, I wish to thank all Commanders who assisted the Navy's campaign to convince the masses that the only way forward is the Imperator's way. Memento Mordanticus!"
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Nova Imperium reclaims its capital!
Brought to you by Milana Alvarado, Governor of Paresa & Wuthielo Ku

"Following the Treaty of Paresa, Nova Imperium has agreed on terms changing the ruler of the Paresa system; The capital system of the organisation.

As we have ensured in the past few weeks that the secondary stations within the system were handed to the Peraesii Empire Consulate, the past four days have been a scene of Peraesii Empire Consulate officials transferring the capital, Dyson City, to the Imperator's rule, as it was in the old days before the offensive that began late 3305 resulted in the Imperator's forced exile to Kahn Orbital.

With assistance from Commanders Megumeme, Stubbz06, BetesNett and the Imperator himself, the populace was easilly convinced that the best way forward is under the Imperator's policies for the future of Imperial society. And so, on the 29th of July in the year 3306, the officials from Peraesii Empire Consulate approached the Imperator, informing him that the throne room has been restored in its former glory and that the population was ready to accept his rule once again.

To conclude, in name of our glorious Imperator, I wish to thank all Commanders who assisted the Imperator's campaign to reclaim our long-lost capital of Dyson City! Memento Mordanticus!"
Nova Navy is now recruiting all type of players, whether you are interested in BGS, PvP, Anti-xeno, exploration, research or mining and trading.

Good luck commanders,

Hadrian Augustus Duval.
How active is the trading division of Nova Navy on PC?

Our divisions are mostly a collective of players with likeminded interests. On the bigger picture regardless of interests we all co-operate together as one. That being said, to specifically answer your question: Fairly active enough to keep the supplies going.

Nova Imperium's arrival in the Ogoni System!
Brought to you by Milana Alvarado, the Imperium's public representative

Statement from CMDR Von MD, Legatus of Wuthielo Ku:

"Greetings Commanders, as governor of Wuthielo Ku and Naurarchus of the Nova Navy, part of the Nova Imperium, I applaud the collective expansion efforts of our glorious navy into the neighboring system of Ogoni, a system that has been ravaged by anarchists, pirates and corporate greed.

In the past weeks most of our combat activities have been in that system, chasing the Ogoni Dragon anarchist faction out, re-establishing a stable economy, making tourism safe and making way for a civilized Imperial system, that represents the values of the Nova Imperium.

The corporate presence in that system will be reduced by our mere presence and continuous effort to develop our territories and expand the rightful Empire. The medium outposts present in the system will become a valuable hub for traders, explorers, mission runners and miners, thus strengthening the link to Wuthielo Ku, Paresa and the entire region, a benefit to all commanders who choose to live within our Empire. All anarchist factions and causes for trouble will be met with swift response, to ensure peace and prosperity. "

Nova Imperium engages the Jet Universal Partners for control over the Ogoni System!
Brought to you by Commander Yumasai, Praetor and Operations Officer of the Nova Navy

The Imperial corporation known as Jet Universal Partners has been present in the Ogoni system for a while, but their corporate ideals have corrupted the system, driving prices to unfair heights in a bid to increase profits. Not only that, the JUP has allowed bandits and raiders alike to compromise the navigational beacon, making it harder for travellers to find their way around the system, having led to increased rates of attacks on innocent civilians and traders.

The Legatus of Wuthielo Ku, Commander Von MD, watched the situation deteriorate from nearby, alerting High Command of the situation developing near the Imperator's borders. After carefull consideration and planning as well as the preperation of the nessecary resources and logistics in the beachhead that was established earlier, the Chief of Staff, Commander Rainbro, has stated the following regarding the recent engagement with the Jet Universal Partners:

Statement from Commander Rainbro, Praefecti and Chief of Staff of the Nova Navy:
"Nova Imperium is today taking direct action to bring security to the Ogoni system, which has long been a hub of criminal activity under the control of the corrupt Jet Universal Partners corporation. This is the next step in our ongoing bounty hunting operations in the system."
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