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Nova Imperium victory in the Ogoni System | New Legatus installed!
Brought to you by Vittoria Lugosi, LCDR of Admiral Lilli Lindholm's Talon Fleet in the Nova Navy

"I, Vittoria Lugosi, LCDR of Admiral Lilli Lindholm's Talon Fleet, have exciting news. Our total victory in Ogoni has awarded our glorious Admiral the Office of Governor. Through not only Talon Wing, but all Nova Navy warships, we obliterated the Jet Universal Partners. They yielded the system control and Allen Settlement. Crewmen and women praised Admiral Lindholm's tactics in defeating the JUP war vessels in decisive victories."

Statement from Lilli Lindholm, newly-appointed Legatus of the Ogoni System and Nauarchus of the Nova Navy:
"I take this role as Governor of Ogoni to help Nova Imperium spread its values further throughout Imperial space. The JUP leadership saw just a small bit of the Nova Navy. That small amount was enough to force them to concede. Together we will build a better and safer system for all citizens. We will not bend to terrorism or anti-Imperial extremists. Our actions will spread far beyond Ogoni. MEMENTO MORDANTICUS!"

Jet Universal Partners engages Nova Imperium again for Ogoni!
Brought to you by Commander Yumasai, Praetor and Operations Officer of the Nova Navy

In recent news, the Imperator's navy had secured the Ogoni System from the Jet Universal Partners. However, in the past few days, bold rumors were made on the streets amongst the populace whom clearly were still supportive of JUP rule. An enforcement unit sent by me failed to contain the development of general unrest within the system. I had no other choice but to inform the Legatus (Governor) of the system about the situation.

As I was explaining the situation at hand, explosions were heard. In the flash of a second, it became clear to us all that an attack had occured. I quickly departed for the hangar bays, as the Legatus assembled her team. Her statement can be seen below, broadcasted to our supporters amongst the Ogoni population, as she was about to lead Talon Fleet into the fray:

Statement from Lilli Lindholm, Legatus of the Ogoni System and Nauarchus of the Nova Navy:
"The Jet Universal Partners have not gone as willingly as we expected. Their supporters throughout the Ogoni system have rallied and are on Nova Imperium's doorstep for another confrontation! These stubborn fools and their loyal followers will be obliterated, this time for good! In the name of our glorious Imperator, Hadrian Augustus Duval, we will claim absolute victory once again! To all Nova Navy pilots, rally to me!!"
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Nova Imperium secures Ogoni | The Imperium moves into Hladaragua
Brought to you by Commander Yumasai, Praetor and Operations Officer of the Nova Navy

The Ogoni System has recently been brought under complete control of Nova Imperium. The Jet Universal Partners recently have risen up in an attempt to regain system control. Instead, the Legatus of Ogoni, Nauarchus Lindholm, reacted swiftly. Her statement is found below:

Statement from Lilli Lindholm, Legatus of the Ogoni System and Nauarchus of the Nova Navy:
"Congratulations to everyone involved in our victory! In a total and absolute victory, the Nova Navy destroyed the Jet Universal Partners warships. The JUP leadership has been thrown into disarray and conceded Phillips Beacon. All that remains is claiming the two planetary settlements. Tonight....we celebrate our victory in honor of our leader, Hadrian Augustus Duval!"

In other news, the Imperium is expanding from Wuthielo Ku into Hladaragua. The Legatus of Wuthielo Ku, Von MD, has released the following statement:

Statement from Von MD, Legatus of the Wuthielo Ku System and Nauarchus of the Nova Navy:
"Greetings commanders, as governor of Wuthielo Ku and Naurarchus of the Nova Navy, part of the Nova Imperium, I applaud the collective expansion efforts of our glorious navy into the neighboring system of Hladaragua, a small system, with a tight community, controlled by the Empire Corsairs, whom have allowed our peaceful establishment in this area, we will establish our presence, without any conflict, to further strenghten the economic and strategic stability in Wuthielo Ku, that will hopefully, bring more peace to the region, as has been seen with Ogoni. Our presence in this sistem will mostly be felt by the economic boom the Auxilia of the Nova Navy brings with them, from which all imperials will benefit, as well as the added security to the region. Peace and prosperity to the Empire!"
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Paresan infrastructure damaged!
Brought to you by Milana Alvarado, Legatus of Paresa and Nova Imperium's public representative

"Recently, reports have come in that widespread infrastructure throughout the Paresa System has experienced catastrophic damage. Power lines are down, generators have seized operating, and above all, machinery across the system responsible for regulating traffic have all but failed. Food production also has taken a hit, with the machines no longer being powered by a sufficient amount of energy.

In light of recent attacks by the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army on Imperial stations, some of the Imperator's citizens are rumoring that the NMLA may have been responsible. Thus far, I cannot give much of a response on those rumors, other than that we will be looking into the situation for any clues as to how the infrastructure may have failed at such a large scale all at once, whilst assuring the citizenry that the root cause will be made public the moment our investigations have concluded.

In the meantime, in order to prevent the economy and security within the system from taking too much of a hit, I have requested the aid of the Imperator's navy and all willing others to bring food and machinery to the system."

War in Ogoni again! | The Imperium arrives in Hladaragua
Brought to you by Commander Yumasai, Praetor and Operations Officer of the Nova Navy

Once again, Nova Imperium finds itself in conflict with the Jet Universal Partners in the Ogoni system. The JUP seem to have regained some popular support following the actions under Legatus Lilli Lindholm, resulting in a JUP attempt to retake one of their lost starports. I have managed to reach out to Legatus Lindholm, getting the following as response:

Statement from Lilli Lindholm, Legatus of the Ogoni System and Nauarchus of the Nova Navy:
"The Jet Universal Partners in Ogoni still present a clear and present danger to the welfare of Nova Imperium citizens living in Ogoni. We have been cleared by Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval to take all remaining assets from them. Nova Imperium has begun to muster its warships in an attempt to seize Cixin Survey from the scattered JUP leadership. I urge all Nova Navy pilots not currently engaged in other affairs, to help aid in the war effort."

In other news, the Imperium has succesfully expanded from Wuthielo Ku into the Hladaragua system, being permitted to settle there by the Empire Corsairs. The Imperator has expressed his gratefulness towards the Corsairs, and hopes that the presence of the Imperium along with the reign of the Corsairs can improve the economic standards within the system. The presence of the Imperium is under the jurisdiction of the Legatus of Wuthielo Ku; Commander Von MD. He was unable to provide a statement on the matter, as he was preparing to move to Ogoni.
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Paresan infrastructure repaired! | Investigations point at Marlinist refugee turned radical
Brought to you by Milana Alvarado, Legatus of Paresa and Nova Imperium's public representative.

"I am glad to report that the situation in Paresa has returned to normal. A big thanks to the Imperator's naval personnel who have flown in countless tonnes of power generators and water purifiers, that we greatly needed. Also, I wish to thank the engineers that have worked tirelessly to get our infrastructure repaired or replaced, as well as then ensuring that said infrastructure was ready for operation.

Regarding the origin of the enmasse failure, the Inquisitorius (Nova Imperium's investigation service) have identified a single person on recorded footage. Further analysis of facial features matched with a person known to us as Miles Ruber, a marlinist from Ackwada that had, according to our latest intelligence, somehow escaped the lockdown and settled within the No Cha system, and developed an alignment of thought with the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army given the nature of the lockdown he fled. Said system is ruled by the Temurt Drug Empire, and therefore it provided him a safe haven, as there were no authorities looking for him there.

Mr. Ruber was tracked on exterior cameras departing the station moments before our infrastructure was severely damaged. The Inquisitorius suspect that Mr. Ruber has sneaked in, masqueraded as local engineering staff and proceeded to plant remote charges, which later were identified to come from No Cha's black market. As the charges went off, frame shift scans indicated that Miles Ruber has fled to the Dongones system. This system, under corporate rule of the Dongones Netcoms Ltd, has been investigated by the Inquisitorius and it has been confirmed that Miles Ruber has gone into hiding within the system.

As of now, that is all that can be said to the public. I once more wish to thank everyone involved for their efforts in getting our infrastructure back up, and likewise, I hope that we can bring Mr. Ruber to justice for his actions against the Imperator."
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Cixin Survey secured by Nova Imperium ground forces!
Brought to you by Commander Yumasai, Praetor and Operations Officer of the Nova Navy.

After 4 days of intense fighting, the Imperator's forces managed to secure a decisive victory in orbit over the planetary settlement known as Cixin Survey. The Jet Universal Partners had lost their fleet and retreated the remnants to Tanaka Oasis, having counted on pirates as a last resort to hold back the fleet of Nauarch Lindholm. Needless to say, the Admiral managed to make short work of the pirate vessels, who were no match for the warships they were going up against. Quite pathetic, paying pirates to essentially commit suicide just so you can escape.

Given the fact that the orbit was now free for ground deployment, Nauarch Lindholm's fleet deployed dropships containing several squads of Marinus; The Imperator's marines deployed for ground operations. Once on the ground, with several Imperial Starfighters conducting strafing runs, the Marinus managed to overwhelm the settlement and subsequently gave all a choice: Surrender, or be executed. Most decided to surrender, but the Chief Administrator decided to go down with what he called "a beacon of freedom within Ogoni". Nauarch Lindholm did not hesitate and ordered the executioner to silence the man that had chosen death. The rest were detained and brought back towards the Adjudicator, the flagship of the Nauarch, for further questioning and subsequent processing.

Statement from Lilliana Lindholm, Legatus of the Ogoni System and Nauarch of the Nova Navy:
"The battle in Ogoni has yielded a victory for Nova Imperium, but the war is not over! The coward Jet Universal Partners relied on pirates during the last conflict. This means their armada is weak! Now is the time to strike and rid the system of their influence once and for all! Tanaka Oasis is the last bastion for them to reside in! We shall storm them with the full force of the Nova Navy and obliterate them!"
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Status update on the Imperator following failed assassination attempt
Brought to you by Milana Alvarado, Legatus of Paresa and Nova Imperium's public representative.

"Our beloved leader, Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, rightfull heir to the Throne of Achenar, has been attacked by members of the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army. The Praetorian Guard has managed to prevent his death, and finished off the attackers. They could not prevent them landing a shot on the Imperator however, and he has suffered critical injuries. Medical officers rushed in along with security forces to ensure that the Imperator was quickly taken to the medical bay, where he is now receiving top medical care by his personal medical staff, headed by Dr. Julius Maxilius, his personal physician."

Statement from Dr. J. Maxilius, The Imperator's personal physician:
"The battle against his injuries is a tough one, but I think me and my team can stabilize his life functions. I can make no promises to the public regarding his health, since his injuries are very severe. All I can do with my team is to do the best we can so that he may remain alive by attending to his most severe injuries sustained during the firefight. Only then can we attend his other injuries and hope for a swift recovery of our glorius leader."
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The Battle of Tanaka Oasis
Brought to you by Commander Yumasai, Praetor and Deputy Commander of the Nova Navy.

The most recent battle in Ogoni was clear, the Imperator's forces were winning against the Jet Universal Partners. The corporation even had to rely on using their financial assets to hire pirates against the Imperator's naval forces. With the authorization of the Imperator to put an end to the corporation's rule within the system, further plans have been presented by Legatus Lindholm to Naval High Command to take the corporation's final asset: Tanaka Oasis.

The decision has been made to pursue the same method as was used with the previous surface outpost. First, warships shall clear the orbit. After orbital superiority has been achieved, Nova Marines shall descend down to the planet and begin the ground assault. All the while receiving fire support from the warships in orbit, making the ground operation swift and aimed to be complete within 24 hours of the initial bombardment.

Statement from Lilliana Lindholm, Legatus of the Ogoni System and Nauarch of the Nova Navy:
"To all Nova Navy pilots, the time has finally come. Reconnaissance agents have collected information that the Jet Universal Partners are gathering their remaining forces in a last-ditch effort to resist Nova Imperium control. Their warships, as well as ground forces, have amassed at Tanaka Oasis. This is their last bastion on which to hold off the Imperator's forces. With the authorization of the Praetores, I have ordered the mobilization of all available warships and ground assault transports. Our fleet carriers are being refitted for assault. We will storm into Tanaka Oasis and wipe the floor with the Jet Universal Partners! TO WAR! - Memento Mordanticus"

Ogoni under the Imperator's control | The Imperium arrives in the Allentiac System
Brought to you by Commander Yumasai, Praetor and Deputy Commander of the Nova Navy.

The battle for Tanaka Oasis is over. Admiral Lindholm's forces have dealt with the final bastion of the Jet Universal Partners within the Ogoni system. In presence of the renowned Praetor Oculus, the eldest of the Imperator's Praetores, the leaders of the Jet Universal Partners have agreed to surrender the outpost to the Imperator in exchange for the continuation of operations within the system. Not a surprise, given that the Nova warships in orbit of Tanaka Oasis made short work of the JUP's remnant orbital forces, following by the Marinus storming the facility and taking the last of the JUP soldiers prisoner if they were not killed in action.

Statement from Lilliana Lindholm, Legatus of the Ogoni System and Nauarch of the Nova Navy:
"I and Praetor Oculus have met with the Jet Universal Partners' leaders aboard the NNV Sagittarius. The Jet Universal Partners were allowed to continue operations in Ogoni through Nova Imperium owned stations. They were to never rise against the Imperator again or risk being completely destroyed and thrown out of the system. Nova Imperium will collect a percentage of all JUP transactions that take place in any Nova controlled station or settlement.

The JUP leaders quickly agreed to the terms. Why wouldn't they? They risk being wiped out for good is they refused.
Now, Tanaka Oasis is finally ours! This settlement will be redesigned as my personal mansion as the Governor of Ogoni. This victory wouldn't be possible without the willpower of the brave pilots of the Nova Navy! Celebrate this achievement! This victory belongs to you!"

In other news, Nova Imperium has arrived in the Allentiac System. A low populated system mainly profiting from the sales of raw minerals coming from the surface of the planet below. Currently it is under the control of the Wuthielo Ku Company, an Imperial Corporation rumored to be directly affiliated with the Imperator ever since a deal had been signed between the Wuthielo Ku Company and Nova Imperium when the Imperator sought to take control of the Wuthielo Ku System.

Statement from Seth Von MD, Legatus of the Wuthielo Ku System and Trierarch of the Nova Navy:
"Greetings Commanders, as Governor of Wuthielo Ku and Trierarch of Nova Imperium's Navy, I applaud the collective expansion efforts of our glorious navy into the neighboring system of Allentiac, a small corporate system, owned by our long term subsidiary corporation; The Wuthielo Ku Company, a well developed and stable Imperial Corporation.

We shall establish our presence at Safdie Beacon in close cooperation with the locals to boost the economic and security of the system and to establish a new mineral extraction site for the Nova Navy. The total supression of the anarchist faction, the Allentiac Crimson Camorra, is top priority, as well as securing all the much needed goods to make this thriving system better, and to strengthen our power in Wuthielo Ku, Paresa and the entire region. Peace and prosperity to the Empire! Glory to the Imperator, Hadrian Augustus Duval!"

Wuthielo Ku Company Director rebels against CEO orders in the Allentiac system
Brought to you by Commander Yumasai, Praetor and Deputy Commander of the Nova Navy.

Today, Jean Manqued, CEO of the Wuthielo Ku Company, has arrived to Tarter Dock with disturbing news. Following the Imperium's arrival in the Allentiac system, orders were drafted for an orderly transition of power over the system, whereby Nova Imperium would be granted full executive, legislative and judicial authority. However, upon having sent his orders to the local director of the company in Allentiac, a letter was sent back which stated that the director would not obey his instruction, and would try to keep the company incharge of the system.

Diplomatic attempts to resolve the situation have been spearheaded by several of the Imperator's personnel, notably Commander Dragonblade, Commander Caedwyn, Commander Ziegfried, Commander MsValkyrie and Commander Circilion. The director had immediately barred access and proceeded to inform said Commanders to turn around or be shot; That the Imperator would have no say over affairs in "his system".

Statement from Seth Von MD, Legatus of the Wuthielo Ku System and Trierarch of the Nova Navy:
"To all Imperial Commanders, I am Seth Von MD of the Nova Imperium, Trierarch and Governor of Wuthielo Ku. It is with great sadness to announce our presence in the Allentiac system has created a fracture within the Wuthielo Ku Company, as their director in Safdie Beacon has refused to grant us a warm welcome, instead deciding to rebel against us and the Wuthielo Ku Company itself, most likely due to illegal operations ongoing in the system, due to corrupt management.

Their mischevous activities will be punished and we will restore order and control within the system and Safdie Beacon. A state of war has been declared, and our motive is strong. The rebellion will be dealt with swiftly by our naval personnel. Peace and prosperity to the Empire! Hail the Imperator!"

Nova Imperium wins the war in Allentiac against rogue Director
Brought to you by Commander Yumasai, Praetor and Deputy Commander of the Nova Navy.

"Victory!", those were the words recorded from Commander !Dragonblade as he was eavesdropping on the meeting hall with present being Jean Manqued as well as the rogue Director from Allentiac and naturally, Nova Imperium's Naval High Command.

Not much later, a formal statement has been presented by Jean Manqued, CEO of the Wuthielo Ku Company, in which it became clear that the Director was out of resources and could no longer keep up the fight against the Imperator's armada that had been dispatched to deal with his insurrection. Inside the room, the rogue Director had agreed with a sentence of exile rather than death, on the mere basis that he worked with the company for a while and initially did not oppose the Imperium. In return, the CEO has ceded the outpost of Safdie Beacon to the Imperium, thereby placing Nova Imperium as executive, judicial and legislative authority within the Allentiac system.

When the Imperator's forces entered the outpost, it became clear that the insurrectionists had already packed their bags and have fled, but some guerrila fighters remained. Not much of a deal for those arrested would be handed over to the Inquisitorius for interrogation after all. Those that refused, have been sent down to work the mines.

Statement from Seth Von MD, Legatus of the Wuthielo Ku System and Trierarch of the Nova Navy:
"Hail the Imperator! I bring you great news from the warfront in the Allentiac system, our war with the renegade wing of the Wuthielo Ku Company has come to a close, with us being the victors. The rebel scum have disbanded and fled. The CEO of the Wuthielo Ku Company has granted us Safdie Beacon, an extraction outpost, as a gift in order to compensate for the chaos their corrupt management has managed to create.

As Legatus of Wuthielo Ku, I shall retain the Allentiac system under my temporary management, as to install peace and order as well as to get rid of any more resistance these criminals may cause, until the Naval High Command appoints a Legatus for this system. Praise the Empire! Peace and prosperity to all!"

Nova Imperium selects Legatus of Allentiac
Brought to you by Milana Alvarado, Legatus of Paresa and Public Representative of Nova Imperium

Following the conquest of the Allentiac system, Naval High Command has been summoned by the Imperator to decide on whom is to be awarded with the honor of becoming Allentiac's new and fresh Legatus. Praetor Rainbro and Nauarch Lilliana Lindholm were present through tele-presence as they were both currently operating outside of Nova space.

After a debate, the Imperator was presented with the results: 8 out of 9 were in favor for the young Centuriae. To Hadrian, it was clear: This man was to become the new Legatus. As such, Commander Dragonblade had been summoned to the throne room. The Centuriae arrived, but not before Praetor Rainbro had a word with him infront of the throne room's doors: "Listen up, I owe you one for your efforts in Allentiac, as it appears that our new plans work perfectly with Allentiac already being in our hands. Keep it up kid, and do not disappoint us".

Following those kind words, the Centuriae entered the throne room, where he kneeled before the Imperator, who was surrounded by more Praetorian Guards than usual, as a result of the recent attempt on his life. He stood up and approached the kneeling Centuriae, saying: "As ruler of Nova Imperium's sphere as well as my powers as a Duval, I hereby grant you the title of Legatus of Allentiac, whereby I entrust you not to fail the Imperium in maintaining our hold on the system. Your actions have been noted and now have met a reward. You are dismissed". As per his instructions, the young Commander thanked the Imperator and left the throne room, approaching the local media as fresh Legatus of Allentiac.

Statement from Dragonblade, Legatus of the Allentiac system and Centuriae of the Nova Navy:
"I, CMDR Dragonblade, humbly accept the role as Legatus of Allentiac. I will offer all prisoners currently held there a chance at a new life for the Empire and a chance at re-introduction into civilian life. My goals for the system are to provide support for the mighty army of the Imperator, and to provide any resources needed for Nova Imperium. Hail the Imperator!"

Nova Imperium continues the hunt for Miles Ruber
Brought to you by Commander Yumasai, Praetor and Deputy Commander of the Nova Navy

Today, I gathered the many people working for the Imperator as usual at Tarter Dock for our daily operational briefing. Alongside me were Seth Von MD, the Legatus of Wuthielo Ku and Praetor Rainbro, Head of the Imperator's Sphere of Strategy and last but not least, Lilyflower Blossom, Captain of the Fourth Fleet. I informed everybody of the fact that after our hard work, the Imperator had given us free light to prepare to move into the Dongones system. This system harbors the fugitive named Miles Ruber. The Imperator wants him captured alive for his actions against the citizens of Dyson City and the fact he has assisted an NMLA assassination unit with the attempt on his life.

To that extend, Legatus Von MD and Praetor Rainbro presented Lilyflower Blossom to lead the "Dongones Campaign" with the Fourth Fleet. Whilst the Head of the Sphere of Strategy remained silent, the Legatus and Trierarch both gave the following statements:

Statement from Seth Von MD, Legatus of the Wuthielo Ku system and Trierarch of the Nova Navy:
"I applaud the collective expansion efforts of our glorious navy into the neighboring system of Dongones, a moderately sized Military Colony, with a tight community, controlled by corporations such as the Dongones Netcoms Ltd. This said corporation is suspected of harboring a known Terrorist towards the Nova Imperium, called Miles Ruber. This said terrorist is an evil anarchist set to dismay the Empire's stability, he shall be hunted down.

The Inquisitorius reports we have received, have motivated us to authorise Trierarch Lilyflower Blossom of the Fourth Fleet to begin preparations for our arrival in the system, with the primary objective of securing Miles Ruber and bring him in to stand trial for his actions. Anyone willing to hunt this criminal will be seen well in the gracious eyes of our Imperator. Meanwhile our Auxilia will establish trade and help optimize the extraction and refinery operations of this system, to empower the entire region's production capabilities. Peace and prosperity to the Empire! Glory to the Imperator, Hadrian Augustus Duval!"

Statement from Lilyflower Blossom, Trierarch of the Nova Navy and Head of the Fourth Fleet:
"Thanks to the co-operation of our Imperial Allies, we can finally bring down that traitor who enabled our Imperator to be attacked by the NMLA filth. For the glory of the Imperium and vengeance long-due, we will capture this menace, I can assure you all of that. As for being placed incharge of the Dongones Campaign, I am honoured that I am to be entrusted with this task. I swear on my honour, nay, my very being that I will succeed in my mission, no matter the cost. I will not fail my Imperator, and I certainly will not fail our people."
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