General / Off-Topic Joker. ( I think DC nailed it! )

This is set to be THE movie of this fall!

So far, the movie received nothing but praise, barred by some agenda driven media that I wont reference here.

It does feel like as Marvel star has started to set, on the other hand DC seems to deliver a masterpiece that will stand as a lesson on filmography when it comes to comic characters.

VERY focused in the character and the story, thought mostly as a stand alone. As opposed to the Marvel formula that demands that every film must be taught with the next one in mind.

The first time I saw the teaser, I was cautiously optimistic. But now, I can easily forecast that this movie will easily beat star wars in the box office.

Forget about Loreto, THIS is the new Joker! 🦹‍♂️

Edit: This movie is set to be a Masterpiece! At the Film festival of venice, the movie received an 8 minute standing ovation!!!!

What a contrast with the Mcdonalds, fast food formula, that Disney has accustomed us with! I think I'm smelling a future Oscar here!
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The Joker is probably my favorite superhero, this side of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and I think I actually like all the live action incarnations...yes, even Cesar Romero's.

As usual, I'll reserve judgement until I see it, but I am looking forward to this one, more so than any Marvel film ever anyway.
With a standing ovation of 8 minutes, this film must certainly have excellent qualities.

If not, then they are all morons ?
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This looks so good, so promising, that I didn't watch the whole trailer so that I don't spoil any part of seeing this movie for the first time.

Thanks for posting.
This movie is 100% on my hit list. The first trailer 4 months ago was an immediate indicator to me of something special coming down the pipe.
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