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Here's the download links for the latest Journal Manual for v3.3 (Updated for 3.3.02):



Summary of journal changes for beta2:
• Include info on Faction Happiness– in Location and FSDJump events (§4.8,§4.12)
• Status.json flags indicate if in Analysis mode, and GUI focus shows if in Orrery, FSS, SAA or Codex view (§12)
• Fixed bug in MissionAccepted and MissionCompleted for donation missions, where the “Donated” key was written twice, one with a string, once with an int (§8.21,§8.22)

New GuiFocus values:
8 Orrery
9 FSS mode
10 SAA mode
11 Codex

status flag: bit27 134217728 0x08000000 Hud in Analysis mode

Summary of changes in Beta3:
• FSSSignalDiscovered – if signal is a USS, add a ThreatLevel value; if signal is a station, add IsStation:true; add SystemAddress
• Cargo – fix spurious extra events; add a flag to indicate vessel=Ship or Vessel=SRV
• CodexEntry: add SystemAddress
• Status.json, Flags: add NightVision flag (bit28/0x10000000)
• SendText: include a journal entry for text to squadron or system chat
• ReceiveText: include a ‘Channel’ parameter to show if message was from squadron or system chat
• SAAScanComplete: remove lists of names of discoverers and mappers

Summary of changes in Beta4:
• Fixed duplicate scan events
• Fix some wing mission cargo reported as stolen
• FSSSignalDiscovered: add USSType info
• Add new FSSAllBodiesFound event
• Scan events generated automatically when entering system now logged as “ScanType”:”AutoScan”
• Add new event MultiSellExplorationData
• Faction info in Location/FSDJump: if it's the player's squadron faction, add SquadronFaction:true, and flags HappiestSystem:true or HomeSystem:true if relevant

Summary of journal changes for 3.3.02:
• SquadronStartup event
• ProspectedAsteroid event
• ReservoirReplenished event
• Include station info in Location event, if starting when docked
• Status.json: more detail on fuel level
Bugs Fixed
• Status.json: fix GuiFocus value when viewing Codex
• CodexEntry: fix SystemAddress
Documentation Errata
• CrimeVictim event (was in v3.3, but not previously documented)
• Fix in EngineerCraft: note property name is BlueprintName not Blueprint (since v3.0)
• MissionAccepted: note property LocalisedName (does not match automatically-localised strings)
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I've had a look and couldn't see it, but I might be blind. Does the journal show a change between combat mode and analysis mode?
Wish journal log would show SRV travel distance (with km accuracy). Sadly "SRV Distance Traveled" stat seems to be removed in 3.3 beta (not in Codex stat page).
Yeah, tracking which mode it's in would be very useful for those who use voice attack. Eg you get interdicted, you deploy weapons and it'll know if your in weapon or analysis mode and can switch for you if need be. Or you jump in to a system and want to scan it, it can change mode and fire off the discovery scanner.
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It could be published in status.json as a new "GuiFocus" value. The existing ones are:

GuiFocus values:
0. NoFocus
1. InternalPanel (right hand side)
2. ExternalPanel (left hand side)
3. CommsPanel (top)
4. RolePanel (bottom)
5. StationServices
6. GalaxyMap
7. SystemMap

Robert Maynard

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A flag for Night Vision would be handy too - to allow ancillary displays to be dimmed when NV is enabled.

.... along with flags for Wanted, Speeding, Hostile, please. :)
I've been told that they are adding a status flag for analysis mode, and gui focus values for orrery,fss,saa,codex. Which is awesome :)

A flag for night vision would be nice too :)

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Flags for rotational correction and SRV ready to board would be nice too - as there are currently 37 spare flags unused if flags is interpreted as a 64-bit integer.
Looking at the new faction information, there's some information you can read (at least approximately) off the in-game screens which isn't part of the faction information in the journal. Could you please consider whether any of the following could be included?

- position on the security and economy bars: is that "None" a "nearly Boom" or a "nearly Bust". You can see on the screen, but the journal just says "None". Could we have a number field for economy and security as well?
- happiness level for the faction: it's on the faction screens but not in the journal. Could this be added as part of the faction information?
- for wars, it would be nice to have the opponent and asset info added to the journal data
- it would also be nice to have the traffic/crimes/bounty information appear in the journal somewhere (perhaps on the station Docked event since you ordinarily need to be docked to read it, unlike the other bits?)

It would also be nice from the Squadron interface to be able to trigger a system status journal event from the faction status screen ... but maybe that's already planned and we'll see it in Beta 2?

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