Judgement day has come, and you're going to need your SPF 10,000.

Welcome to Skardee! Literal Hell on Earth! In space! Enjoy the closest thing you'll get to atmospheric landings before season 3 comes! So close to its parent star, that solar winds can be heard, and solar flares are an enviromental hazard!

Just remember to bring plenty of heatsinks! (Seriously, it's only a light second or two from the star! You're inches from auto-drop out range when getting into orbital cruise!)
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Same, bookmarked it, I real need to go there some day.
Great find Nef, I can't rep you right now so have a virtual one +1.
Where is this...I gotta land it.

Or in redneck speak...Hold muh beer!
Skardee! It's the first planet of the system. Some of the other planets are fairly close. Also, be warned, the planet is moving with speed! So you may have to catch it or fly at it. If you can, try to land on the planet while a solar flare is going through it! You'll get some stellar screenshots!
Considering I have a fear of burning up my ships. As such I modified all my ships to run extra cold. Seems like a nice testing ground for some of my ships. Nice find! I wonder if I can over heat my stealth prowler conda on entry.
Shot straight over there last night after reading this thread - it's very cool indeed! Managed to land in my AspX without going above 75% and once you're down the heat really drops off.

You may well need a heat sink for departure though!

I think Imma have to go back though because I stupidly forgot to take a screenshot for the collection! Did make a purdy video of Mitterrand Hollow just before hitting up Skardee though.
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