jump a carrier = 0 ARX

You spend maybe half a million cr on each carrier jump and not ARX. Don't even get me started on none for buying one. Seems un-ballanced to me compared to other activities. Maybe if Frontier allowed one of 2 ARX per jump it might ease carrier congestion a bit?
No. They put on more upkeep with more use, which makes sense actually. I wouldn't mind the upkeep if we could make a bit of profit with the darn things. Haven't seen any good examples of profit yet.
Something I've noticed recently is that mining for tritium to refuel a carrier (via the donate tab) earns zero ARX too, apart from the act of purchasing or selling limpets. It does seem odd to spend hours on an activity & have it earn zero ARX :)
Is this even an issue? I usually reach my ARX cap at friday/ saturday. 😄

I do too, but that's in populated space. Out exploring with a carrier the main source of ARX generation is the gathering & selling data (a largely solitary activity) rather than moving & refuelling the carrier (a more social aspect of play).

So whether it's noticeable or not depends on how you play.
That's nothing OP, I once spent hours & hours Mining for Painite (in the glory days, while funding for the future Carrier release) & repeatedly selling to the same Station........all for 0 ARX.

It got me my Carrier though, so can't complain I don't get an ARX when I jump it
Maybe jumping gains a small amount of Arx that scales to congestion- so for more Arx you pick a destination thats less crowded maybe and get more in return. If you jump to a rammed place you get next to nothing.
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