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I have read many posts across multiple forums regarding Star citizens beneficial lack of loading screens.

Emm it takes 15 to 28 minutes (Stuart GT / Factabulous / Mole) check please, to travel across one system lets say from Crusader to Microtech. Elite in system flight can be Far quicker. Also the drop to a planet takes around the same time as Elite, although in Elite you don't have to spool your drives to do it by going to an Orbital marker first . You just have to drive round.

Just saying.

Also what the hell with the jail system, you bump into someone by accident or they placed their ship deliberately and then they shoot you and get the credit then you have to serve your penance. or you shoot the only defender left on the 890 by accident and respawn at GrimHex what a stupid stupid idea.

Who? in there right minds would play a game to do boring as hell 'Jail time'

I either reset my account or if its crime stat 1 or sit down and wait or log off.
This is mental in my opinion they set these scenarios up then make you jump through hoops to get out of it. F,that!

Or some helpful, fellow T* Cmdr *T shoots you when your trying to get your ripper in your actual hand to insert it at Kareah after you make a mistake and you go to Jail anyway.
This BTW is why I don't play open in Elite. T*Cmdr*T's

Any thought on time and distance and or crime stats and the results?
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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