June Streaming Schedule


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Hi everyone,

What a fantastic month it's been! We've finally completed Secrets of Dr. Wu (with a little help from Paul), and we had a wonderful stream with Senior Audio Designer Duncan Mackinnon where he showed us how the Frontier audio team creates dinosaur sounds; it was fascinating!

This month is sure to be just as awesome, with a whole host of Let's Plays where we'll be attempting to complete all of the missions across all of the islands in preparation for update 1.8, we'll also be playing the new paid content: Claire's Sanctuary when it releases, and we've got the Jurassic World Evolution Anniversary stream! Take a look below for more details:

06.06.2019 - THURSDAY 11:00AM UTC
Let's Play Jurassic World Evolution w/ Steggs

13.06.2019 - THURSDAY 11:00AM UTC
Jurassic World Evolution Anniversary Stream

20.06.2019 - THURSDAY 11:00AM UTC
Let's Play Claire's Sanctuary w/ Steggs

27.06.2019 - THURSDAY 11:00AM UTC
Let's Play Claire's Sanctuary w/ Chanté and Paul

We can't wait to get started on what's sure to be an amazing month for Jurassic World Evolution. See you on the islands!

Steggs :)
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