Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn Expansion and Update 3 is Out Now!

Don't know if it was intentional or not but noticed in the new Biosyn campaing the extra upgrade slot on the power plants and hatcheries never unlocked. All in all though it was pretty fun, even if the second part was super short.
-Prevent injuries from occurring as a result of alpha leadership challenges
-Alpha leadership contests/fights (aka dominance fights) are now explicitly decided by dominance rather than combat stats reducing repeated fighting in herds

Thats a step back from real behaviour! Living animals RELY on their strength to win dominance matches.
I can understand it's more enjoyable to play, but leaves no option to create more realistic park. Is there any chance we can get these mechanics like a "toogle" option in sandbox?
With the last uptade you change some kind of dinoaurus that hate each other and now like it. And watching the movies i think that this dinosaurs should like this specific dinosaurs. The Triceratops, Sinoceratops and Nasutoceratops should like each other like in the movie. Also, Parasaurolophus and Corythosaurus should like eatch other like in JPIII, when the characters escapes from the compound. Another idea if you can´t do it. Ceratopsid should like hadrosaurid. I think this can be implement in the next uptade. Frontier, i hope that you can do it in the future
It's good that Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus and Camarasaurus all like each other as I've wanted to have a Morrison paddock with at least two Morrison sauropods with Stegosaurus and Dryosaurus as I did in the last game, but I really want Diplodocus to be added too so I can mix any two random Morrison sauropods with each other, Stegosaurus, and Dryosaurus per map.
It's good that Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus and Camarasaurus all like each other
Yeah this is something I did a lot of in the first game. Putting types of dinos together for a sauropod, ceratops, hadrosaur type exhibit. Kinda lame this can't really be done in this game outside of sandbox.

I really wish there was an option in the settings where once you complete a camapign, challenge, or chaos theory, you could unlock sandbox settings for it and replay it the way you want.
@Jens Erik

There is a Lagoon viewing stands guests bug. The guests spawn behind the stands !

Happens everytime in all eras and all modes.
PS5 console.


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Adding Likes relationships between specific dinosaurs that dislike each others' categories:
  • Chasmosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus
  • Chasmosaurus and Styracosaurus
  • Pachyrhinosaurus and Styracosaurus
  • Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus
  • Camarasaurus and Brachiosaurus
  • Parasaurolophus and Maiasaura
  • Chungkingosaurus and Gigantspinosaurus
  • Gigantspinosaurus and Huayangosaurus

To Frontier, thank you for the amendments on the dinosaurs' cohabitation.

To the fans and other players, I am wondering if any of you want the following Likes relationships between the specific dinosaurs that dislike each others' categories.

From Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
  • Dilophosaurus and Velociraptor
  • Acrocanthosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus

In the Dinopedia of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Torosaurus and Triceratops are mutually preferred friends.



According to my research, the common dig sites of their fossil discovery are Laramie Formation in Colorado, Lance Formation in Wyoming, Hell Creek Formation that covers Montana along with North and South Dakota, and Frenchman Formation in Saskatchewan.

In Jurassic World: Evolution 1, Torosaurus and Triceratops can live peacefully with each other. Do any of the fans and other players here want the same thing in Jurassic World: Evolution 2?

Jens Erik

Senior Community Manager
when are these awful video glitches being released?
Now hundreds of players having this stupid graphic issue - was looking forward to this - but!
We hope to have a fix for this very soon. For now, rolling back the driver should help. I believe this should help: https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/driver...on Display Adapters,Click on Roll Back Driver

There is a Lagoon viewing stands guests bug. The guests spawn behind the stands !

Happens everytime in all eras and all modes.
PS5 console.
We're aware of this issue and it's being looked into by the devs :)
Please can we get all terrain paints in all biomes in sandbox? I think it would add a lot of creativity! Or atleast a larger selection. And continuing to add to the decoration roster with more signs/big letters like planet games/statues would be great
Hi Jens, no, i can't.
No matter what i do, i can't edit an already placed Tour Track on my Sandbox park because the option do so is now used for placing Tour Entrance (and that only)!
The only instance in which i can create a Tour Track is immediately after an Entrance is placed, but even if a go from there to Delete Mode (even for just a second) in order to remove an obstacle, i can then no longer edit nor continue the track.

This is a pretty serious, game breaking bug Jens, the kind of bug should be sorted immediately. 🙏

PS5 for reference.
I'm having the same issue, can't edit a track without placing another tour also no option to place a concrete track
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