Jurassic World Evolution 2 is Now Available to Pre-Order - Coming 9 November

You have to ask the store, or check information on the purchase page if ordering online. Bonuses are up to individual stores and what deal they made when buying the copies they sell on. Some have the preorder codes, some are a digital code copy of the game (not a disc), some have the deluxe pack codes, some are nothing more then the standard game.
Species from the Deluxe DLC I'm most excited for in the game. And of course they're in order on which im most excited for.






Hi i pre-ordered a digital copy of the deluxe. I would like to know what will be the differences between play the JWE2 in Xbox one X (limitations) and Xbox Series S/X?

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Hello Frontier
I just wanted you to ask for one more thing to do in Jurassic World Evolution. It's very simple thing and I hope that I'm not asking for so much. I'd be very happy if you do consider it at least. So I'd like to get Ankylosaurus Vivid Skin pattern because I've missed the one that was available to get in 2018 December time. If you'd be that gentle to make some kind of contest to get this color pattern for Ankylosaurus it'll makes me very happy. I have such an idea for this contest. You can do the same thing as you did with Stegosaurus Vivid skin. To get it all players had to made 25 000 Stegosauruses to the January 31st. For this time it could be 20 000 Ankylosauruses and for example we could have time to make them till 31st of October. It's just one of the ideas. I'm not asking for a new dinosaur to this game just for a color to the dinosaur that already is in the game. So please do consider it. I hope Jens Erik that you're gonna help with this idea. I really like you and I believe in you :) I'm not asking for so much just for one little thing. Hope you do find some time and might be able to gives us players to get this Ankylosaurus Vivid Skin for Jurassic World Evolution :) Greetings ;);)
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