Jurassic World Evolution has influenced one of my biggest life choices.



Playing the game's ranger mode and seeing the livestreams and photos of racing and driving around the park, I thought long and hard and decided to have the Jeep Rubicon be my first car. It is an amazing ride overall in real life, and I got the same color as the ones I use in game, so I could the same car in JWE and reality :D

My favorite note is that I know how big the dinosaurs are in comparison to the car in game. Now that I am driving in the real thing, BOY are dinosaurs big 😮🦕🚙🦖
I needed an off-road truck that could ford deep waters.
Same! Though it does not rain much here in Bahrain, we would get sudden flooding when it does rain here, that and damaged roads helped me choose the Rubicon. Especially since they released the new model :D

Funny thing, I knew the cars in game were jeeps, I used the capture mode to zoom in and realize it was a rubicon after I made my purchase XD
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