Game Discussions jurassic world evolution or planet zoo?

i think JWE is better not because its the only one i have played but because its cool to see a dino park builder and i dont remember ever seeing a dino park builder before and if there is one it is not as good as jwe. as far as planet zoo i heard its a good game with a veriety of decent animals and graphics are good but i never played and it sound like a great game.
You most likely already made a Decision but if this shouldn't be the Case, I can absolutely recommend Planet Zoo. The Building System is absolutely incredible. If you are experienced enough, you can build almost anything you can imagine. It also makes a lot of Fun to just relax sometimes and watch the Animals. In my Opinion it's the best Zoo Simulation ever made. You can even use Building Pieces or Rocks to create your own Fences. But if you buy it, you should also watch some Building Tutorials on YouTube. For some Reason a lot of important Building Stuff isn't explained in the Tutorial (they should really make one about that)
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