Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Dinosaur Update OUT NOW!

Hold onto your butts! The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Dinosaur update is here!

This update introduces three new dig sites, a cast of new dinosaurs which you can bring to your island, new InGen database entries and a number of fixes and improvements to the base game.

Guests will be pouring onto your island to see two brand new herbivores, the feisty Stygimoloch, and the horn-adorned Sinoceratops. Each will have their own comfort requirements, so get those enclosures ready!

And, if you feel like you’re an expert in crisis management, you’ll also see the arrival of three new carnivores, the terrific and terrifying Baryonyx, Carnotaurus and Allosaurus. Don’t put them too close to your guests though. They bite, chew and swallow whole.

Alongside these toothy predators stands the star of the show: the horrifying and one-of-a-kind, Indoraptor! Haven’t yet had the pleasure to come face to face with this monstrosity? Get yourself to a screening of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (to prepare yourself) or… simply introduce one into your park!

This update is out today on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One!

Please find the Release Notes below for all the details:

New Content
  • Added new dinosaurs with unlocks from Fallen Kingdom film:
- Indoraptor
- Baryonyx
- Stygimoloch
- Carnotaurus
- Allosaurus
- Sinoceratops​

  • Added new dig sites to support new dinosaurs
- Smokejack Clay Pit, Surrey, UK
- La Colonia Formation, Chubut Province, Argentina
- Xingezhuang Formation, Shandong, China
- Updated some existing dig sites for the new dinosaurs​

  • Added new character bios and unlocks to the InGen database:
- Iris Carroll
- Benjamin Lockwood
- Franklin Webb
- Maisie Lockwood
- Zia Rodriguezo
- Eli Mills
- Ken Wheatley
- Gunnar Eversoll​

Fixes and Improvements
  • Various stability fixes
  • Various performance improvements
  • Localisation updates and text fixes
  • Controller layout screens added
  • Animation improvements
  • Audio additions
  • 4x4 AI improvements
  • Various hit check and pathing improvements
  • Dinosaur ragdoll enhancements
  • Dinosaurs will now fight on steeper slopes
  • Various UI fixes and improvements
  • Fixed helicopters falling out of the sky on loading
  • Fix for Dinosaurs stuck in panicked and terrorising states
  • Contracts now show the correct progress
  • General contract fixes
  • Helicopters now try their best to avoid monorails
  • Dinosaurs try to avoid fighting underwater
  • Dinosaur Ingen DB Bio fixes
  • Prevention of medicating dead dinosaurs
  • Logo added to the red ranger vehicle
I'm so excited to unlock them, well once I get back from watching the new movie later on today! I'm still in Isla Pena (barely starting and taking my sweet time) and I already made a paddock for Carnotaurus. Thanks Frontier!!!
All great stuff I'm sure. But is the game still only in German?
You can simply adjust the language in steam settings on PC. There are various languages available for you - not only german.

For consoles though, I have no idea if its only the language you have bought the game in.

@Frontier great update! Are there also some graphics enhancements? The screens look like textures got a lot sharper, also got the feeling while testing it quickly.
Awesome news! Very excited to get home and play this updated and enjoy the Fixes and Improvements. Any chance you have any updates on Achievements not unlocking even when you've completed a task?

I can’t wait to play the new update! I kinda wanna wait to see the movie first since I live in the US.

Do you know if the bug for the facility management view was fixed? Every time I clicked on a building, the management view disappeared. Kinda preventing me from 5 Star-ing 😅.
Looking forward to playing tonight when I get home from work!

Glad to see the first batch of fixes/improvements came with it as well.
Yes! Great news and awesome work! Can't wait to play with new dinos! Now, we are waiting for some of the most requested fixes (AI, animations, dino sizes) and improvements (island size, more cosmetics, herds, better dino battles)! Great job so far Frontier!
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