Jurassic World's Fallen Kingdom and Evolution's Clarie's Mission

on "Jurassic World:Evolution"

I Love to Hunting and Capturing Dinosaurs Walking on the island Without the Vehicle and Helicopter , but On Clarie's mission, She's Want us to Save the Dinosaurs From Mt. Sibo in Nublar North and Send the Dinosaurs to the Sanctuary Island.

You Can Play as the Jeep Driver to Cure and Heal all the Dinosaurs and Copter to Tranquilized Dinosaurs to sendind to the Sanctuary Island.

this Game it's Make Everyone Happy Ending for Save the Dinosaurs to Become Extinction ❤🦖❤

On the "Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom"

in Dying of "Isla Nublar", all of the InGen People has Betrayed the DPG "Dinosaur Protection Group" For Rescue Dinosaurs, They Are Collecting All of the Dinosaurs Type With "Males" and "Females" They'll Left the Dinosaurs Behind to Extinction.

Once they got All of the Dinosaurs Type, There Sending Dinosaur on Hammond's Mansion For Money, that's is Why the InGen Corp Let all of the Peoples to Hunt Dinosaurs in the Mainland.

this is the Sad Ending for Sending Dinosaurs in the Mainland. 😭
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