Scenarios Jurassic World's Imdominus Rex Country


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Welcome to Jurassic World! Our Indominus Rex has been moved to an inland island due to her aggressive nature. InGen would like you to make this area of the park a success. Remember, if something chases you... run!


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I just finished this one. The developed area is gorgeous! It felt a little weird playing this one directly after the South African Savannah one, because both the landscape and game play are so different.

In the South Africa Savannah scenario, I moved the rides close to the park entrance to keep everything tight. The running costs of security cameras can chew you up if you spread out when security features are turned on.

In this scenario, security is turned off and I soon found out that guests flood the park, so the exact opposite approach - spreading things out - helps prevent overcrowding.

The monorail stations are attractive, but the ride is inefficient. The scenario really points out the need for a shuttle mode on transport rides. I got by with the monorail, but felt the need to tunnel a path between the mainland and the island. The tunnel helped the guests flow through the park.

The areas of the park outside the developed areas could benefit from additional landscaping. A few more rocks and trees, and additional landscape painting would be nice. One detail - grass doesn't grow under water. I suggest making the land under any body of water rock, sand or mud. A few pieces of driftwood at the bottom doesn't hurt either. Of course, this doesn't affect game play in the slightest, but for whatever reason I like this particular detail.

The park locks the maximum number of guests at 10,000. This is a really high number - a lot of players' computers can't handle this many guests (including mine). I had slightly over 3,000 guests at the end (it took me five game years to complete). I prefer the flexibility to set my own limit on guests. In this scenario, I would have limited maximum guests severely at the beginning, and increased the limit as I built out the park. As the scenario played out, it took me awhile to get the crowds flowing more-or-less evenly around the park.

I enjoyed building the hard coaster - excitement 8.0 required. But requiring 150,000 cash is a bit much It prolonged the scenario without adding play value, in my opinion. Reducing the cash goal in half would be my preference.

Overall, I enjoyed the scenario. I loved the island! Thanks for creating it!
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